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How is it possible to have a negative I.Q.... what is it like?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) September 23rd, 2010

I heard that someone can have a negative I.Q…. how is that possible…? what would the person act like in a mind which makes things worse….humor welcome

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It’s not possible. IQ tests are standardized on a normal curve where the average score = 100, and each standard deviation is either 10 or 15 points (depending on which test you’re using). Even if you had SDs of 15 points, to get below 0 you’d have to go 7 SDs below the mean. Seven SDs includes 99.9999999997440% of the population, so to have a single individual 7 SDs below the mean you’d need a population of 390,600,000,000. The current population of the earth according to the World Bank’s World Development Indicators is 6,697,254,041.

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The person would be to dumb to breath. It’s also impossible. 60 I.Q. is mentally retarded I think, but I’m not sure.

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They would have to be less intelligent than plants.

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@cockswain I wonder how someone can perform an I.Q. test on a plant…. I wonder if weeds are smarter than grass?

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You’d ask the plant a bunch of questions and analyze the responses. The negative IQ person would have given worse responses than the plant.

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@cockswain like stabbing the tester

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Well if anyone had that, they wouldn’t be able to answer your fluther q on here would they, :)

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This is actually a very good question.

“Negative”… is a form of Entropy. Entropy is noise on the line preventing the “Positive” original intended signal from being transmitted and received properly.

So, Negative (Entropic Intelligence) could actually come in many forms.

A simple lie, intends to put static upon the truth. It prevents the truth from being received.

A drug, or alcohol, or even a psychosis could also be considered as Entropic Intelligence. They cloud the original signal.

“Entropic Intelligence”... you heard it here first!

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Negative (Entropic Intelligence)... rhymes with Dogma.

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I’m with @RealEyesRealizeRealLies because Entropic Intelligence does rhyme with Dogma.

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Gee I dunno T.C!! :¬)

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Never slowed me down.

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I’m still interested in this topic

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I’m still interested in this topic.

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