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How old is "too old" to wear a mini if you are in shape?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) September 24th, 2010

How old is ”too old” to wear a mini? If you work out, take care of yourself, and look similar to Elle MacPherson 44, Terri Hatcher 43, and Kim Cattraill 52!, why couldn’t they rock a mini? I know there will be many who will come out and say they had work done or they are airbrushed, anything to make excuses for the fatties, but it’s all good, it is nice to dream. If you can keep yourself looking hot and stunning past 35 what harm is it wearing a mini? And should you let age or how well your body holds up dictate if a mini makes sense or is good to go?

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When your colostomy bag shows. I mean, that’ll just look shit. Not to mention people taking the piss.

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My colostomy bag isn’t showing yet and my legs are in great shape from swimming, running and biking so I do wear them occasionally at age almost 66. Now mind you they are not the minis that look like very short tennis skirts, they are just above my knees, that is what I call a mini. I saw a group on fb recently that said something to the effect that what she was wearing wasn’t a skirt it was a wide belt. They are not good at any age!!! Propriety is the name of the game.

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I don’t think a specific age is much of the problem. I’ve seen women with great legs but the rest of their body is crap or their face is crap. Saw a woman wearing a mini a few weeks back. She was young and had great legs but her legs went up to her waist. It was wierd looking. She had no rear end. The front and the back looked the same. So the skirt looked like a tube on her.
No matter what the age, if the skirt does not flatter your legs, face, and body than you should give it up. Its not something that fits everyone, unless your 5 years old. When wearing something sexy, it should compliment you, not make the worse of you stand out more by comparison.
Like the woman I described. It just accented the fact that she had no rear. So even though her legs where nice, it was her rear that became the focus.

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Wearing a mini has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with physical condition. There are plenty of 18 year olds that have no business wearing a mini.

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IMO it’s not just the age but the attitude too. My MIL is 66 and can wear a mini and look good and sassy and not only hold her own standing next to a 20 yr old but probably take her down on the dance floor. That being said she still drives me insane any time she visits

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Age has nothing to do with it. I’ve seen 18 years olds that look lousy in a mini skirt. So, depends on the person.

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I’m with @BoBo1946 on this one. If you can look great doing it, age doesn’t mean anything. It does totally depend on the person. I love that older woman in hollywood are still being sexy, that gives me hope for growing older. Fuck yeah!

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I don’t think it’s a matter of age. If the legs are toned and the skin on the legs looks good (not overtanned or wrinkled) then have at it.

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Women should send me their pics first, to be on the safe side, and I’ll let them know.

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I strongly feel that no one should wear a mini skirt. They are just ugly and unflattering, in my opinion.

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Are we talking a mini or a micro-mini?

I’m all about miniskirts. However, if dropping a quarter can get you a ticket for indecent exposure, I don’t care how good you think you look – it’s too short.

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Go for it. just as long as you are not pregnant. you are as young as you feel (and look). my wife is 5 ft. 3 inches and weighes 120. she still looks good in anything. like you, whe was a track runner and a clothes model for Bobbie Brooks. at age 64, she is still cute and still has it.

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40. this isn’t hollywood . anybody over 40 looks tacky in mini. just my humble opinion

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@trailsillustrated Halle Berry is 42! She can wear anything her heart’s desires and look good, but she would be the exception as your point is well taken.

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When it does not look good any more or not comfortable.

Otherwise, go for it!

It’s your life and you should do what you want.

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Who cares.

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I’m with @mama_cakes on this one. I wear clothes I want to wear and I don’t think about what other people might think

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I know, it’s probably Photoshopped, but still, Tina would like to have a word with you.

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@rooeytoo Is right on it. (Although I’m thinking a mini is just a bit shorter than you describe)

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@Pandora When wearing something sexy, it should compliment you, not make the worse of you stand out more by comparison. I would say that should be the rule for anything. I have seen women wear more and they looked tacky and bad.

@BoBo1946 @BarnacleBill Do you believe it is the fact that many women over 37yr just don’t have the conditioning or done what it took to stay sexy at that age and therefore they discourage other women from wearing minis, 2-piece bikinis, Rio bikinis, etc, because they will be reminded of their failures or what they can’t wear, as in misery loves company?

@TheOnlyNeffie @trailsillustrated Because…………….? You formed that opinion because of what? There had to be something that caused you to view it as you do.

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You only live once honey and by the sounds of it I’ll bet you look amazing in them, and from what you’ve said its not a proper mini anyway. Just above the knee is very classy, it says yes I’m aware I look good but I’m also a lady and I have enough respect for myself that I don’t show too much.

I wish I could show you some of these younger girls who parade past my checkout of a weekend (with their assorted bits all hanging out). Just recently there was a young girl who was wearing a proper mini (aka a belt) with the elasticated waist pushed all the way down under her enormous baby bump with the back of the band pulled all the way up so that her buttocks were showing, I’m hoping she was wearing a thong or something because there was no sign of undies at the back. This was topped by a tie front blouse tied under her breasts but unbuttoned so that the only thing keeping it together was the ties. I should also add that the girl was… well lets say she looked like she liked her food, And seconds. A lot. There is not enough yuk in the world honey honestly. God love her for her confidence but she looked just awful and I still worry about her catching a chill while so heavily pregnant,and its effects on her unborn baby.

Just above the knee was fine for Coco Chanel and for Audrey Hepburn honey, you go for it, I’ll bet you’ll stop traffic <hugs>

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In my opinion ( and I am a pretty woman at almost 51 ) it is possible to maintain a nice body as we age but…I think the majority of women over 40 something need to focus on class not sex appeal.

I had a friend who still had a beautiful body at 54 but she was the most insecure woman I have ever known, tried WAY too hard to look like something she wasn’t.

Skin tight low rider size 0 jeans, belly exposed, and she wondered why she kept attracting shallow, narcissistic men that were only into the ‘arm candy’ scene.

There are plenty of clothes and styles that are attractive and youthful that ‘older’ women can wear that do not make them appear ‘desperate.’

I have a unique style of my own that I receive many compliments on but I am not hung up on trying to present myself as some youthful sprite.

So, yes, it depends on many factors aside from just the physical and IMO many women in their 40’s and 50’s that are still trying to pull off the 20 something look are really very insecure people, terrified of their aging process and sending a message of desperation. lol

I don’t care how good of shape I am in, I accept my belly exposing days have come and gone, and I’m okay with that. ;-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central, wearing miniskirts has nothing to do with sexy or age. Sexy is subjective, and women can sexy at all ages or sizes.

You should not wear a miniskirt when your thighs rub together when you walk, or when you sit down, your legs intuitively spread apart when you sit down, requiring concentrated effort to keep your knees together.

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@BarnacleBill – I think women should wear what they damned well please and not worry about whether any male will find them sexy or approve.

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@rooeytoo I don’t think it has anything to do with whether or not a woman wears a mini just for the sake of male approval. There’s a fine line between carrying that sort of thing off pretty well and still looking good, or looking cheap and trashy. You can see documentaries and all sort of written stuff that indicate that women wear the stuff they wear mostly for themselves and not for the sake of some random dude. Or their significant other. Unless she’s after something ha.
Personally, I’m not a big fan of women wearing mini-skirts. I don’t care who they are, if they look godawful then that’s my opinion and not theirs – so what?

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@lightsourcetrickster You can see documentaries and all sort of written stuff that indicate that women wear the stuff they wear mostly for themselves and not for the sake of some random dude. Does that mean that those women who wear them for themselves but get the gaze of “some random dude”, are they the ones who get pensive or indignant when they get noticed?” And does it mean that those who wear them to catch the eye of “some random dudes” catch the bane of those who wear for themselves and no one else?

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@Hypocrisy_Central You’re asking me? Why don’t you ask them?

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You seemed knowledgeable on that issue, so I thought I would ask.

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You thought you’d ask a bloke who read the opinions of women who were knowledgeable on their own approach on that? :P

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