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Do you eat processed chicken concoctions?

Asked by mickhock (540points) September 24th, 2010

Do you or do you let your family eat processed chicken by-products?
If so? do you realise what you are feeding your family?

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Yucky, no I don’t. It would make me sick. I only eat organic chicken breast. I’m a picky eater

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Nope, i’ve seen plenty of programmes showing exactly how they make these products, anyone who feeds their children this muck should be done for Child Abuse!

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Processed chicken is basically all the shitty left overs, feet, bits of bone, heads, guts, and general scraps. it is probably one of the most horrible things you can eat. and yes, i do eat them.

about 4 days ago i was at the store with my brother, and he picked up some processed chicken burgers, i told him “dont buy that, its just crap”. he did not buy them, and went and put them back. however, last night, i was hungry, i looked in my freezer, and i found some crappy nuggets, and yes i ate them.

I much rather eat a nice bit of chicken breast, with some gravy and vegetables to go with it, but if its 3am, im hungry, and there is nothing else, then yea i will eat it.

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Woah there, chicken feet are not shitty leftovers. They are delicious.

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I try to avoid processed anything as much as humanly/financially possible. So, no, I don’t. And I feel sorry for the people who do eat it/feed it to their children. It’s so nasty and God awful for you.

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