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Do you use visual thought processing?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16103points) September 24th, 2010

Do you require visual representation in order to learn new material or problem solve? Do you have a favorite process or method?

I find I need to draw things out on a white board, and add post-it notes to it. Sometimes I take a photo of it with my phone, and turn it into a visio drawing. The walls of my cube contain all sorts of visio drawings, org charts of information, collections of color themed post-it notes. I have postcards tacked to the walls that have information that I frequently use written on the back.

Do you have a favorite softward or mapping notation that you use to create visual representations?

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Yes I do! I’m the same way.

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It depends what we are talking about. if its say, learning how to code in a new script language, i can more or less read about it and learn a fair bit. but if its say, leaning new chess moves, then i need to have a chess board in front of me. if i try to do it all in my head i forget where pieces are or i put pieces in the wrong place (specially knights)

If it deals with logic, or sequences, i can usually do well without a visual aid. but if it gets too complex or is say, something to do with shapes, then i find i need a visual aid.

my favorite software for making litttle visual representations would be adobe flash. mainly because it has layers and is quite flexible to draw with.

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I have to visualise something to understand it and then I remember it better too. I even think of music sometimes in visual terms. I am interested in physics but find quantum theory fascinating but exasperating as it is so impossible to properly visualise.

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I remember how to spell general by seeing the sign in the beginning of general hospital. I think audio visual is a powerful way to teach and learn. I visualize almost everything.

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I tend to create visual representations in my head. I can imagine shapes and simulate interactions in my mind, and it works even when the problem at hand isn’t necessarily related to shapes and interactions.

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I’m a combination I guess. I can visualize in my head how a room will look with various colors for walls, carpet, furnniture, etc. But in completing a new task I need to do it once or twice before I feel qualified to ask questions about it, or feel any degree of competence. And sometimes I need to SEE a visual along with a verbal explanation. Like a format for a document. I’m much more comfortable with a go-by.

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Yes, especially numbers and ideas about money, finances or that sort of planning.

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I will sometimes use pictures to organize my thinking. I’ll identify a major theme, then search the internet for a picture that is emblematic of that theme. I find that when I put a number of such picture together, a clearer organization of the ideas seems to suggest itself. It is somehow easier for me to see what I’m up to.

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I learn and remember by visual, sound and repetition.

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I am the same as Yarnlady, using visual, sound and repetition. If I need to remember a written passage I do find that if I copy it and write it down myself, it is easier to remember.

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If Post It Notes qualifies as a visual reminder, then add me to the stack. i have Post It Notes everywhere. i have Post It Notes attached to Post It Notes to remind where other Post It Notes are located.

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Post-it Notes are awesome! They even make flip-chart size post-it notes.

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