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When does the worm in the bottle of a tequila die before or after being placed in the bottle?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) September 24th, 2010

Just wondering about that.

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After i think….Eww Not thirsty all of a sudden :P

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Notably, the worm is only present in certain mezcals (never tequila) and is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else:

However, I would expect that the worm is killed by the mezcal, otherwise you have to kill them some other way (which gets complicated, eh?)

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I believe it is after, but don’t really think it matters all that much. Bottom line is you have a pickled worm in the bottom of your bottle.

If I recall, the whole idea was to demonstrate that the booze was actually made from an agave plant because the agave plant is the preferred home of that particular variety of worm.

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@YoBob what’s amusing is that the worm (actually a moth larvae, IIRC) is that the worm is a sign of an infestation, which is bad for the crop…

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He dies in the bottle, but he dies happy.

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