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Can I bring cream puffs on the airplane?

Asked by lilikoi (10089points) September 24th, 2010

Or do the stupid rules prohibit them because they contain ”” liquid ””.

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Yes you can! I’ve traveled with all sorts of food, even cheesecake.

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I think you should be fine bringing cream puffs.

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While I expect you should be fine, realize that TSA can change the rules at their whim, existing rules are unevenly interpreted and applied at different airports, and individual agents have some leeway to make judgement calls in particular cases.

In particular, I would not call attention to them being cream puffs or asking the TSA agent if s/he thinks they fall under the no liquids rule. Just put ‘em thru the x-ray – no big deal.

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Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

Depends on the TSA agent. Rule of thumb is no food gets through.

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Is that “cream puffs” = C4 or just plain cream puffs?

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It depends on the airport probably. Some of it might have to do with the management, some might have to do with chatter I would guess. When I flew out of Detroit back in November of ‘09 the metal detector was set to extremely sensistive. Many of us had to go back and remove more metal, we were all saying we never get stopped like that. A month later the Christams underwear bomber flew into Detroit.

A few weeks ago I crossed the Canadian American border by bus coming into America and it was the toughest immigration I have ever been through. Many questions, two people pulled aside, but eventually were given the green light. On the same trip I flew out of Burlington, VT and the TSA was very very strict. They frisked my husband, that has never happened in the US before to him. They actually only frisked his lower body, he was wearing trousers with many pockets, he wears those trousers frequently when he travels. He does kind of fit the physical profile, in that he has olive skin, longish black hair, but like I said never has been frisked in the US before. In Bogota we have been frisked, but everyone is frisked, it is another checkpoint to get down to the gates.

I think you will make it through with the cream puffs, but I guess there is a chance they will consider the cream a “liquid?” You could call the airline, and see what they say over the phone. You don’t have to give your name.

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Just think of the delays if every TSA agent had to stop and decide, discussing with each traveler what they have and if it is ok to bring on board.
Easier and faster to just say NO to it all.

Hell Mrs. Smith. What is this?

It is cheesecake.

Ok, let us test the viscosity of it. Seems it has the texture of C4. So it will not pass.

Hello Mr. Kaczynski. What do you have here? It’s C4 disguise as cheesecake.

Let us test it. It has the viscosity of cheesecake. You can bring it on board. Have a nice day.

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You could, but you would then have to endure the stares of everyone watching you eat them!

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They COULD give you a hard time but they’re not likely to. They tend to allow things like a pound of cheese, a tube of toothpaste, etc, but still not a bottle of water or olive oil.

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No, cream puffs originated in France and consequently are a threat to national security.

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Ship em ahead and stay sane!

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@Kayak8 Then you’d have to pay the expense of overnight shipping. The best way to avoid trouble is to eat ‘em yourself!

I’d kill for a creampuff, but I’m on a diet.

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No one expects the Cream Puff Inquisition!

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