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What are some of the earliest dreams or nightmares you can remember?

Asked by Seek (34805points) September 24th, 2010

Inspired by this question

I’ve always had vivid and memorable dreams. Some of them rather terrifying, looking back at how young I was.

In the other thread I told about the paper mouse.

Another one I had, I must have been three or four. I was swimming in a lake with my grandfather (odd for two reasons: One, I couldn’t swim yet, and two, Grandpa died when I was 18 months old.) We were having a grand old time, swimming deeper and deeper into the water, when we were set upon by piranhas! They were everywhere biting us both, and I swam away. I got to shore and Grandpa never came back up.

Another was when I was in second grade, so… six or seven. It started out pretty cool. I was walking down the street to the corner store, like I did all the time for my mom (it was three blocks away. Yes, I have horrible parents). All of a sudden, Main Street is on fire! Big brick buildings are burning, lamp posts are aflame, there is fire raining from the sky! It was smoke everywhere and I couldn’t breathe. Cars were crashing into each other and people were running all over the place. Then one black car screeched to a halt in front of me, and Elias Koteas (Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles movie) opens the door and tells me to get in the car, he’s going to take me to the Turtle Lair to be safe. Then I woke up. ^_^

Both of those dreams still scare me to this day.

Does anyone else have uber-memorable childhood dreams and nightmares?

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One of my earliest was pretty horrifying. I was in a dark room, there was just a checker board and two chairs in the middle, lit by one overhead light. Very film noir.
I was playing against Bert from Sesame Street, but I was watching it all in third person.
I made my winning move and ended the game.Bert looked slowly up at me, paused, then his head swelled to enormous size. He leaned over and bit my head off. AHHH!

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This summer when me and my family were on a summer trip to a hotel somewhere around the country, I was sleeping and was dreaming of me and Paris Hilton going shopping together with 12 bags each. I dreamt of this because the night before I slept that’s when she was arrested in South-Africa when the World Cup 2010 was on, they suspected her to be with drugs or something and she also had 12 bags for 12 days
Tha’ts why.

p.s I didn’t read the info only the question…

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When I was in first grade, I believe, I had a dream that my little boyfriend and I took a walk to this chocolate lake. He dove into the chocolate lake as I was sitting on the shore. He didn’t come up, instead three huge monsters (similar to those in “Where the Wild Things Are) came up from the chocolate. They grabbed me and pulled me under, where I found myself faced with a witch. She told me I had to serve her for all eternity, or my little boyfriend would die a miserable death. And then I woke up. Don’t know where that dream came from, but it scared me to death at the time. Now I think it’s funny.

I myself have very vivid dreams, and I almost always remember them. I once was chased by a man with a skill saw, who caught me and sawed my head off.

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Well I told the dream about the flood and the giant worms in the other thread.
I guess mine are really nightmares, also. I remember dreaming that my grandfather was dead and he was in our living room in a glass casket and there were children and flowers all over my house.
I had a reoccurring nightmare for a long time where I was on a surgical table and there were all of these doctors standing over me, but I didn’t want them to operate on me. And I remember trying to tell them that I didn’t want them to do the surgery, but no sound came out when I was opening my mouth. Then there was a very bright light and I would “wake up” in a white dress that was all bloody and then I would wake up very upset. I had a series of surgeries as a young child, so I’m sure this dream is tied directly into that, but I remember it being really devastating for a while there.
It also seems that I’ve had a lifelong history of having dreams that involve an inability to speak or to make myself heard.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I hear that. The majority of my nightmares are kidnapping-type dreams where I can’t scream, and when I try to run it’s like my whole body is made of lead and I can’t move.

@rodydoe89 @SundayKittens So many decapitations!

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I had nightmares as a kid. There are two I remember: (1) I was a toddler and my great-aunt was yelling at me because I wasn’t potty-trained. I actually don’t know whether this actually happened or if I dreamed it. (2) there was a serial killer in my house who was hiding through a hole in the wall. He had already dragged my cousins and uncle through the hole and I was afraid he was going to come after my family next. I don’t know how old I was when I dreamed either of these. The second was a recurring dream.

Another one that has stuck out for years is from third grade. It will take too long to post it in efficient detail, but here’s a summary: there was a rope dangling from the ceiling of my house and I was on the second floor. A boy was holding onto the rope, which was wrapped around his neck, with the intention of committing suicide. I tried to talk the boy into living. I told him that my family would take care of him, that we’d love him, that God would save him. He thought about it for a long time, finally calming down. I reached out my hand to him. Then he let go of the rope and died.

That dream was one of the catalysts for losing my “faith”.

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This is crazy, but had a recurring dream for years where I was running around naked. Have no idea what that means.

Also, I’ve had nightmares where I’m violent. Once kicked my ex out of bed. Really, i did. Crazy… I was trying to kick a door open and kicked her.

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My very earliest dream I think I may have been about 8 years old, and all I can remember is I was standing under a tree crying and I was very sad.

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I remember when I was about 5 yrs old dreaming that I was kidnapped by Count Chocula and Boo Berry and they took me to a dark castle. They strapped me to a stone table and they chopped my feet off and I saw them jump off the table and run away without me. (my feet) It was quite distrurbing at that age.

I have had problems with nightmares in my late teens before I got therapy (as mentioned in another thread). They were horrific and graphic and scared the *#%$ out of me. I mean stuff that you see in horror movies. I didn’t want to sleep. They were due to unresolved rage I was not dealing with but they went away after a year and a half of therapy and working through my issues. I never have nightmares anymore, thank goodness.

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I will never forget the dream I had when I was three.

It was so surreal. There was a sepia toned picture of a statue on an gardening magazine. That environmental visualization transferred to a dream.

It was just so unusual and so real. I still think of it. It was more of how it looked then what it was about.
And, when I would look at that magazine cover it was as if an image from my dream was use.

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The first nightmares I remember very well happened when I was in early grade school. Several times, I had the same horrible dream of hiding in my house, in the dark, because I knew there were giant spiders hunting for me. I was crouched under a table, and couldn’t see them but could hear their jaws clicking and their hairy legs scratching together. I was crying and couldn’t find my family. Then, I leaned out from under the table, looked up, and saw my family wrapped up in spider webs on the ceiling. At that point I’d wake up screaming and crying.

It took me years to be able to look at spiders without feeling like I was going to throw up. Now I’m OK with them if they don’t touch me or surprise me. In fact, I just took a shower while a big house spider hung out near the ceiling. It wasn’t too long ago when I wouldn’t have been able to even go into the bathroom while it was there, let alone take my time showering and shaving my legs once I knew it was there. Yay, progress!

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I don’t have nightmares much anymore, but as a kid and throughout much of my adult life I had lots of them. The most commoj early theme was that some person or some thing was lurking just outside a door or a window, and this would cause me to wake up screaming. Other nightmares or bad dreams I’ve had a number of times involve tornados, nuclear war, teeth and hair falling out, and screaming at someone I don’t like. My dreams are always very detailed, and some of the most graphic ones occur right before Imy alarm goes off.

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There was a reoccurring dream of being on one side of an enormous outdoor swimming pool complex, and my parents were on the other side. Throughout the dream, I was working my way through the pools to get to them. They were all different geometrical shapes and sizes, as well as different depths. The dream finally went away when I was in my early teens.

About 10 years ago, a co-worker showed up for a meeting and slapped down a brochure about one of our newest hotels he had just spent time helping to convert. On the front of the brochure was a picture of the pool. And there was the pool.

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Another one I just remembered: When I was a bit older, middle school and high school, I’d have dreams about swimming across a big pond or lake with my younger brother. It was always a little dark and cloudy, just a bit chilly, in my dream. As we were swimming, I’d see my brother suddenly get pulled underwater. I’d call his name and try to find him, then something would grab my ankle and pull me under too. I’d get dragged farther and farther down, with the water becoming too dark to see. The panic was insane, and I’d fight so hard not to breathe in the water and drown myself. Each time, I’d wake up gasping for air and feeling like I’d been holding my breath for a while in my sleep.

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When I was four years old, a commercial jet collided with a small aircraft near my neighborhood. The sounds and smells and terror of that day stayed with me for many, many years and fed my nightmare machine. For years afterward, I’d dream that my grandmother’s house was on fire, and I would go hide in the closet to get away from the fire. I could tell people were looking for me, but that made me want to hide deeper.

I also had a recurring nightmare that stayed with me well into my teenage years—it was as if the world had dimmed a bit—almost like “static” on televisions. And I’m running along a wall that I can’t see over. I know there’s something terrible waiting for me on the other side; i can hear it running to keep pace with me—and I’m very worried about where the wall will end and the terrible entity will be able to reach me.

I have frequent, vivid dreams. Sometimes nightmares—though most of my adult nightmares relate to insecurities about work or relationships, etc. I have noted with great interest that I tend to have sex with anyone who’s been on my mind. Thankfully, this doesn’t play out in real life. Now THAT would be a nightmare.

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I was chased around a car by the man and woman from the painting American Gothic and when they could not catch me they sent their German Sheppard after me. Thats been with me forever. Don’t really dream anymore or remember if I do.

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My earliest nightmares usually involved disembodied hands (think Thing from the Addams Family) attacking me and dismembering my family. I have no idea why.

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I have been fighting grizzlies since I was a kid. I grew to expect it and that is when I really started kicking some bear ass XD
I have since learned through a friend that, according to her culture,it is my totem animal and is a very good thing:)

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I had this dream several times as a child. I dreamed I was on one of those circus sway poles (the vertical pole that bends really far). I wanted desperately to get down, but for some reason I was frozen with fear that it would snap. Which it did, of course. The second it snapped and I experienced that millisecond of falling backward, I’d wake up with a start. Sometimes the dream would vary and instead of a sway pole, it would involve a very tall ladder. The ladder would start to fall backward, hover at the point of no return and then the second it started to fall, I’d wake up. The only difference was that the sway pole snapped, but the ladder just fell backward.

I do not go on ladders for that reason. Or sway poles, not that I’ve been asked to do that.

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I don’t know what it means, but one of the earliest dreams I can remember is of aliens in a parking lot handing me a plastic bag filled with shrimp, and the aliens telling me to plug the bag of shrimp into a power outlet.

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I can’t really remember many early dreams of my own, but I do remember at around age 6, I had a dream about a walking skeleton coming towards me and I screamed and woke myself up and that scared my brother. Additionally, my brother told me about a very strange dream he had when he was about 5 about disembodied rainbow-colored kids’ heads floating around his room. Glad I never had that dream. :\

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The first nightmare I remember was a very simple one. I was about six or seven and I was halfway to my grandfather’s house when I came upon this very fat and powerful boy. He was no one I recognised but he was full of ill will against me and because he was so much heavier and stronger than I was he was able to imprison me in a kind of limbo in the darkness of the street. It was a dream that troubled me at the time.

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I remember a dream, which must have been from around the age of 4 because I distinctly remember my sister being in a pram at the time.

I grew up in a rural farming area, and at the time there was only one grocery shop in the village. To get to it, we had to walk past a farm yard which had a big solid gate that was always closed. The farm was a beef cattle farm, but at the time I didn’t know this. What I did know was that I would sometimes see chickens, and also behind that gate there was something very very big.

So in my dream I was walking past the gate with my mum, and a giant chicken jumped over it, and chased us all the way home. When we got back it was night time, and none of the lights in the house were working, and I was terrified that the giant chicken was going to get in and eat me.

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I had a dream a while ago that really freaked me out. Me and my mom were in my bro’s friend’s house. Out of no where an angel appeared. There was lightning and my mom was struck dead. I ran to the angel telling it to stop. It took out a taser and shocked me dead. Then i was in a class room with questions like did you try to escape death. And on the other side of the room the angel was zapping kittens. It took me like an hour after i woke up to realize i died in the dream.

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This isn’t the earliest bad dream I had and I can’t quite place when it happened but I woke up feeling ill at ease and decided to get up and put the light on. I had dreamed of something that had disconcerted me though I wasn’t clear what it was. I got up and switched on the light and nothing happened. I felt the switch in my hand and I heard the click but no light. Then I woke up and realised I had dreamed I had awoken. This has only happened to me once but that was more than enough. It was very disorientating.

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I would often have nightmares about aliens. I have a really weird fear of them even now and have difficulty watching movies about aliens (signs, war of the worlds, etc.).

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The earliest dreams I remember were about being claustrophobically (I think that’s a word) stuck in several scary places in my house, usually in the crawl space or attic.

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The episode of Looney Tunes where Daffy Duck is on the drawing board and the frame falls over him smothering him in black gave me horrible fits as a child.

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