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What does your T-Shirt say about you?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) September 24th, 2010

If you wear a tee-shirt, what slogan do you wear across your chest or back? Why?

If you designed your own t-shirt to reflect your personality, what would it say?

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Straight from my department: Metro Police, Metro-Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.

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Well, most of my T-shirts are band shirts.
Opeth, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Judas Priest, ArchEnemy, The Hidden Hand, Ulcer, etc.

The ones that aren’t are mostly plain coloured tees.

All of them have been altered by me – turned into tanks, now backless, shredded sleeves, something. I design my own tees all the time. ^_^

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That’s “impress any of you motherfuckers.” Mind your grammar, love.


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Well, that would defeat the purpose of the question. ;-)

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My favorite tees that I wear (with something on them) would be my Dave Matthews Band tshirt from last year and a pink floyd t. I mostly wear plain v neck white t’s.

oh why? because I like them

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They are sometimes just black or have a picture of some girl or something on it. I need A 30stm t-shirt

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Usually my t-shirts say where I have been. Right now I am wearing one from Pier Sixty Six in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Mine express that I am a woman of few words and alot of plain colored t shirts :)

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A shirt of mine.

I have a few concert shirts. My favorite being a soft, grey Dead Weather t-shirt.



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Most of my t-shirts are plain. Right now the one I have on is white. I have a few old band t-shirts for NIN, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Tool, Grateful Dead.

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I’m not wearing one now ‘cause I’m at work but yesterday my shirt had a graphic of the coordinate axes with some calc formulas and a representation of how there is no limit…to the side in squiggly letters it said “Can’t Touch This!”. I’m a dork who loved calculus is what it says about me.

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I’m sure it says “Do you know what? I’m sick to the back teeth of hanging around this guy!! Always spilling drinks on me & then tossing me in for the wash.”

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Be Nice to Me
or I’ll put you in my novel

(I actually have this shirt)

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The one currently in my gym bag says I’m a fencer.

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How long is the line-up for ladies (and mens) who want to marry the fiddle bastard?

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@mama_cakes Very long, but I was first.

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Maybe I need a shirt that says “sharing is caring” or “don’t worry, there’s plenty to go ‘round”

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I actually think Delirium claimed me first. She got me when I signed up first. But again, it is important to note, that sharing is in fact caring.

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I’ll be third in line, if you toss in Simone that’d be great.

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I have a couple of t-shirts with sayings. They are

I have the cutest boyfriend
I (heart) my bartender

Both of those are because I do think I have the cutest boyfriend and he’s a bartender. I adore the man. We are on our 7th year together and he still makes me giddy. I found the first shirt at the store and when I came in from shopping, I told him “I went to the store and they had MY shirt!!! How dare they?” Then I showed it to him and he was really pleased. I think he’s proud that I wear shirts that tell the world I think he’s wonderful.

I also have some of those silly food ones. Like the evil spoon chasing the Cheerios, that says “Cereal Killer.”

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What the one I’m wearing right now says about me is that I need stop using bleach to clean the kitchen sink.

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I have a few t-shirts that I wear all the time. One is a Sex Pistols shirt with Sid on the front snarling. One is a Social Distrortion t with the dancing/drinking/smoking skeleton on it. The other is a burgundy t that says Matha’s Vineyard. The letters are fading, but I love it because it it comfy.

I think my shirts say I’m a lazy sod.

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Uh, well, I’m not wearing a shirt right now >.>

If I wear a T-shirt with writing though, it’s probably a band shirt or something about pirates.

@mama_cakes I guess that makes me at least 4th, but probably further back in line :(

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No logos on mine. I detest advertising for anyone.

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@tragiclikebowie let’s all circle him and <squeesh> – hug ‘im.

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Actually, you ladies can have him. :)

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@tragiclikebowie not a line, more like a circle! ...and you own a big chunk of my fluther heart anyway :-)

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On any given day, it could say that I like The Beatles, Beck, The Velvet Underground, The Futureheads or Supergrass.

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Caught in by the Fuzz!

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It says I like stripes (true), I like the color orange (true) and I like polo shirts (to a limited extent). :P

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I wear a t-shirt with a beautiful design of a jellyfish on it. Someone posted the link to it on here one day. It was so pretty I had to buy it. I found that there is one place it does not go down well: the Western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. They have jellyfish infestations every year. No one who isn’t foolish can swim when the jellies show up.

I also have t-shirt the the town I grew up in on it, and a clever saying about how to pronounce that town. It is so funny how people will read this guidance and still get the pronunciation wrong.

I was recently given a new t-shirt that has bears and trees on it. It’s from some national park out West. I was also given a t-shirt with Laotian writing all over it. I wish I knew what it said.

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My current t-shirt implies that I visited New Orleans. My absolute favorite t-shirt says: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…..... and spiders.

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wet t-shirt?
ha, just kidding!

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I made one time it said stop staring at the tits.
My boss would never look at me in the eye. I think I made my point but he sent me home to change. LOL

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

‘people like you make people like me need medication’

‘out of my mind. back in five minutes’

‘don’t disturb. I’m disturbed enough already’

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That I love Acadia in Maine. About ⅔ of my t-shirts are from there.

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Here’s the one I’m wearing today.

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Mine say, “This guy left a pen in the laundry basket again.”

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Currently I am wearing my Michigan State t-shirt. I have several shirts that say that, or Spartans.

I also have an FAU t-shirt, which is my husband’s school.

My husband bought me genius by birth lazy by choice.

I have so many it is impossible to list them all.

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@tranquilsea :-) that’s my answer too.
@JLeslie Yay! go MSU.

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My t-shirts don’t tend to speak on my behalf. I’m more of a plain t-shirt kind of girl.
I have a couple with the rolling stones logo, one with Mick Jagger – I wear them to bed mostly

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Right now I’m wearing this shirt.

I guess it says that I have a sense of humor.

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@zannajune Yes, it does XD

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This is just about the only tee I wear that would say anything about me. ;)

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that I like to play “Polo?” lol

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

“I’m not antisocial. Society is anti me.”

“I don’t need sex. The government fucks me every day.”


As long as it shows off my good physique, that will say a lot.

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That we understand that oversizing, sport’s teams and company functions or pockets make you an out of touch old fart.

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Usually they reflect my taste in music, or an event I volunteered. I usually don’t like logo-wear, but I have quite a collection of old T-shirts from a job I had about 10 years ago.

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That proper fit matters.

No matter what the garment.

That I know that Hollister and A&F cannot help you if you’re already tragic.

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