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Do you believe Jose Canseco?

Asked by rking1487 (494points) March 29th, 2008

Do you think Canseco’s latest allegations have merit or just a quick way to make some cash?

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I’m a little skeptical of his latest alligations, but he has pretty much been dead on with his previous alligatons.

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do i believe him? yes

do i think he is a scumbag for outing everyone? yes

do i think steroids should be allowed? no

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yes its true and he wants to cash in. Turncoat

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The wife beater needs some cash…..

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Yes. I do beleive him even though I believe his motives are not pure. He is an ex- player with a less than stellar reputation who seems to be doing his best to take as many as he can down with him.
He was someone who had the ability to be a Hall of Famer in my opinion and he blew it.

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Wow hall of fame really? I think they should put guys from this era that did well and know didn’t use P.E.D. i.e David Eckstein.

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Let me clarify. I believe, and I could be mistaken, that when he came up, he was not using PED’s and he had a natural talent that was and could have been good enough for the Hall of Fame. We will never know.
I agree with you as far as those who didn’t use, but not on David Eckstein. I like him, especially when he was with the Angels, but I don’t consider him a Hall of Famer.

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I know he isnt even close to having a sniff at the hall but I would feel more comfortable with guys like him in then the best two players from the era Bonds and Clemens. I think they should put guys in who everyone without a doubt knows isclean.

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just put all them in the hall (if their numbers warrant it), most of the great players of this era used it at one time or another, just bc some guys got caught doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of others who didn’t get caught, we’ll never really know who used it so just let everyone in the hall who’s numbers are good enough and just lable the whole era as the steroid era

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The hard part to me is that Barry Bonds is also someone who probably would have been in the Hall regardless of whether or not he uses steroids, as well as Roger Clemens, etc.
When they were using, I don’t believe there were rules in existence against the use of steroids or other PED’s. Everybody could see Mark McGwire’s bottel of andoesterone or whatever it was called.
I agree with khelms in that regard of putting them in the hall, but we dont know who really used steroids or who didn’t.

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