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So another '50s pop icon is gone. Who is old enough to remember Eddie Fisher?

Asked by Austinlad (16313points) September 24th, 2010

First he was Debbie Reynolds’ husband, then Carrie Fisher’s dad, and finally, Mr. Elizabeth Taylor. He also did some singing and very bad movie acting along the way. What were you doing when he was he was singing pre-R&R stuff like “Oh! My (Mein) Papa” ???

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He’s gone? I need to get off Fluther and read some news…
Related note, you should see Carrie Fisher’s one woman show, she has a hilarious take on the whole Debbie Reynolds to Elizabeth Taylor thing.

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I wasn’t born yet but I remember him as the father of Princess Leia if I spelled that correctly.

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Don’t hate me. :(

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He died today? I remember him well. Liz Taylor took him away from
Debbie Reynolds, Debbie was devastated then Liz divorced him.
I think he was first seen on the Authur Godfrey show? Didn’t he get in an argument with Godfrey? I saw him on that show!

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No, @Aster, you’re thinking of Julius LaRosa. Fisher was more mainstream, and for a while, was as hot among teens as many later rock stars.

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@DominicX, how could I hate someone so young? ;-)

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@Austinlad well, I think eddie sang on tv too. He was the one with the real bad case of pimples. I wouldn’t know La Rosa if I saw a pic of him but I’d know Fisher!

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