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Does God need our help?

Asked by flutherother (29010points) September 24th, 2010

They say that God is all powerful but I am not so sure. Do you think that God needs or expects some help from us?

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The Giant Spaghetti Monster needs to get in my belly ‘cause I is big hawn-grey!

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Just to survive It apparently needs constant and daily reaffirmation. Sort of like some jellies.

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I mean, I always hear about people “doing god’s work”, does that count as help? I would be pretty grateful if someone did my work. Sounds like help to me.

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Nah. I’m fine, thank you.

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Whether you believe in God as God, or simply believe in GOOD (in the same way as devil could be the EVIL), I think that we are all responsible for doing good in the world and ensuring that good actions prevail over bad… we each choose how we interact with people, how we treat eachother: if we choose to treat people badly then we are helping no-one, if we choose to treat people kindly and well, then we are doing our part towards helping everyone lead a better life. (It all starts with you….)

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I always wondered that too. Why on earth would a real God need people to worship him and follow his will? It never made any sense to me.

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@TheOnlyNeffie When people say they are doing God’s work, I am pretty sure it means that they’re are spreading and sharing His word.
@flutherother God IS all powerful. Satin and God both have power, but God’s power is FAR more than Satin. ONE angel can defeat a thousand demons.

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God desires our cooperation and respect. How could He need help?

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That was kind of meant to be a snarky joke. I was just playing with semantics, really.

Though, god apparently can not spread “his word” without us, it isn’t as if the Bible is walking around on legs of its own telling people what god wants. It is people doing all of that work. That still sounds like help to me. (and this time I am not being a smartass.)

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Amusingly, if we assume we are created by god, and god imbued us with free will, then god is omnipotent only to the point where we have free will. By allowing us to have free will, if it is as we think it is, then we have power that can be influenced, but not controlled, by god.

If god expects us to do anything with that power, it’s to help our own dern selves.


Satin has no power over me. I am immune to the influence of textiles.

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We were created in his image therefore we are god. And we need your help, Can we stop talking about us all the time. I mean okay we created the heavens and the earth but can we just please, move on.

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God speaks and what he has spoken comes to pass.
It is that simple for god spoke us into being now his Word is working its way out in this age.

Whether one thinks he is helping or not, what was spoken will occur.

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What with his shopping you mean? Absolutely, saw him in Asda the other day. Hasn’t got a clue when it comes to self service. Hopeless he is :¬)

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No, we killed God long ago. He neither needs or can be given help at this stage.

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If God does, then I’ll help. So far, it doesn’t seem like it to me.

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“Satin and God both have power, but God’s power is FAR more than Satin.”

But is it more than muslin?

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@AstroChuck don’t go trying to pull the wool over our eyes. I don’t cotton to your ideas one little bit. Let’s canvass the membership and see what they say. I think you’re full of sheet.

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Most of us do not come into life to have a perfect dream experience. God gives us free will. If god made everything “perfect” we would be nothing but robots. I think life is about learning lessons. Maybe that is why it seems the “good” die young and the “bad” seem to live a long time. No god does not need our help. We hurt ourselves not him/her.

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Good thing god gave free will to the slaughtered in the Sudan, the starved in Ethiopia, or the 1 in 7 living in poverty right here in the good old USA. Oh and god made Satan. huh? Has anyone stepped back and looked at the cosmos? How much time do you think a “god”” would want to spend on you. That is why you are god, this is your world because when you are gone, so is your world. Take that in and realize that thankfully you have the ability to affect your world. I don’t think the people above will ever get that chance.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Oops my bad!! I’m sorry!

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I don’t know. What about Satan? I’m sure he just wants a hug.

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