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Are you ever tempted to work for 'the dark side'?

Asked by flutherother (29167points) September 24th, 2010

It is taken for granted that you are on the side of the angels but how boring is that. Why not check out what the dark side has to offer.

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no I work for no one… but I’m a loyal customer : )

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Depending on how you view the Catholic Church, you could say I already do.

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What…the Jehovas Witnessesssssss!?! Never I tell you, never!!

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With Eddie and the Cruisers? Yes.

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No, but I’ve been tempted to work for “the dork side.” Bunch of geeky losers… :-)

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No. In fact, kind of related to this question, I hear people say they make a choice every day to do the right thing. That is so odd to me, I don’t feel like that at all. I don’t feel constantly tempted by evil. I find it disconcerting that some people do feel that way

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The Republican party?

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The temptation would have to be presented before making such a decision. Since the force is so strong in me I find it hard to bend my thoughts towards the dark side. Thats why I will vote Democrat!

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@flutherother So what is on offer?

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Sometimes, yes. No one would ever guess because I’m so nice, compassionate, and unassuming. I’m way more powerful and cunning than I ever get credit for. I recognize that my abilities and powers could easily be used for bad, but the world should be glad that I’m driven to use my powers for good. I would be such an amazing evil genius and I’m being dead serious. I have a definite dark side and the kind of social skills that could easily manipulate, lie, cheat, steal. I can be icy cold and calculating. When aroused, my hatred and desire for vengeance is sharp like a sword. I can lie in wait for years for the perfect moment to strike.

I know this dark side is there and I know that when I allow myself to tap into it, I’m extremely crafty and successful. I have some illegal and immoral acts in my past that I’m generally too ashamed to admit to people. I’m a pretty easy-going person and can take a lot of shit from people without snapping, but there are a couple of people who pushed and mistreated and abused me so beyond the point of tolerance that I lost all reason and became an instrument of evil. I found I’m good at it, and really quite evil if it gets to that point. It shocks me a little to see the breadth of what I’m able to personally justify if pushed beyond that outer edge into darkness.

If I didn’t have such a loud conscience, who knows..

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I feel exactly as @JLeslie said. “I hear people say they make a choice every day to do the right thing. That is so odd to me, I don’t feel like that at all. I don’t feel constantly tempted by evil. I find it disconcerting that some people do feel that way”

I don’t work for any side. I am who I am, and I don’t need “angels” or anyone else to tell me to do so.

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I’ve thought about it but my sense of justice stops me. And the dark side offers freedom… well at least a fake sense of freedom. It also offers a free ticket to jail if you get caught.
@MissAnthrope I feel the same way that i could be evil and do evil things and never get caught, With the only thing that can stop me is my conciseness and sense of justice.
@TheOnlyNeffie everyone has a dark side. A big dark side or small. Strong or weak. It doesn’t matter it’s there whether or not you’re aware of it.

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@daytonamisticrip I didn’t say that I don’t have a dark side. I said that I don’t work for either “side”, and I don’t really need an outside influence to lead me. I live my life as a good person because it is in my nature, I’ve never been tempted to go around doing “evil” things just for the sake of doing it. I mean.. why?

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There is a sick rush to doing bad things, that’s why. Pretty much the same as the adrenalin rush skydivers get but…different. It can consume a person, it’s overpowering. But a lucky few that have this overpowering feeling have a strong enough sense of justice to lock the darkness away.

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All work for the good even those who are convinced they are working for the dark side

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I have the feeling people’s dark sides exist because of repression, not in spite of it. Things don’t get dark till they’re driven underground. Some people go into their “dark sides” when they show the skin of their ankle to a stranger. It’s a healthier community where people are open with themselves, so that nothing is left to fester into destructive inclinations that must then be held back with glorious chains of over-conscientiousness.

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If there was not a dark side we would not have delicious mushrooms to eat. I think everyone has both within them, it is the one you feed the most that will grow strongest.

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lloydbird You should expect a substantial increase in material wealth, a degree of power over other individuals (How much power depends on how you perform) and guaranteed immunity from physical harm for a period of 35 years. I can send you the full contract if you are interested. Simply sign it in blood and return it by post. Think about it.

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I’m not tech-minded enough to work for Microsoft.

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@flutherother Sounds nice, but you will have to sweeten the deal to top 72 virgins.

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I’m an employee of the United States Postal Service. I already work for the dark side.

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lloydbird I can tell you’re the sort of person we’re looking for. Your contract is in the post. However, if you use someone else’s blood they will reap the benefits.

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No, I have ethics.

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@flutherother But you are so shiny and friendly looking.

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I went over to the dark side long ago for the benefits.

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Well, in video games where this is an option, I usually do.

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I guess since I have sociopathic tendencies and align myself more with the Republican party than any other party in the US, several people here would think I’m on the dark side. lol

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It seems to be such an easy way to make money these days, what with Corporations now having 1st amendment rights and politics for sale to the highest bidder, who can then have the pols direct billion dollar no bid contracts to him.

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@ETpro we, as in the US, have been through this before, I’m sure we can overcome it-ish again, and again, and again…

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If I was to travel to the dark side it would involve acres of opium poppies, just because I have a thing for asian poppies. Think what you will. ;-)

It would aslo include counterfiet activity and perhaps I would make a wonderful madam as well.

Hey, these are ALL good retirement ideas! lol

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@Winters Thanks for the shot of optimism. You’re right, of course. We had the era of the Robber Barons and the Roaring 20s with its Casino Capitalism which led to 1929. The song remains the same, but we fixed those excesses, so we can fix this one too.

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lloydbird And you are so bright and innocent. It will be perfect! “evil laugh”

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