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Are you able to contact another member privately without it being in relation to a question or answer?

Asked by rainbowspirit (243points) September 24th, 2010

I know this is not Facebook but are you able to contact someone personally without it being about a question or answer? I’ve not been ab;e to figure that out yet. I ask because Faye in my Fluther said it was nice to have a friend who was in a similar position to herself in terms of our lives and have things in common with eash other. That made me wonder if people do communicate on a one to one basis and build a friendship. If they do can you please tell me how that is done? Sorry if I seem a bit dim but I’m still a newbie. Thanks.
Rainbowspirit :o)

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If you go to a person’s profile you can send them a private comment. You’ll notice a box where you can type a message, and under that is an option to mark it private (meaning that only you and the recipient can read it.) If you check your own page, you’ll see that I’ve just sent you a message like that.

And as to whether or not people do this… yes we do. At least, I do. :)

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Absolutely.. people send PMs all the time. :)

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Just to clarify a point @TheOnlyNeffie made, the “mark as private” button is already checked. So the default is already private. If you want to make a public comment, uncheck the box.

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I would like to thank all three of you for responding to my question and explaining everything for me. I had obviously seen the comments part on people’s profile pages, but was uncertain if this was only to be used in response to a question or specific comment rather than just a friendly kind of Hello comment. As I say I am new to the site so not sure of all the ins and outs of what is acceptable. I also was worried after seeing something people discussing that some people were using the site like Facebook in their questions and how it was becoming too much of a social site and not being used in the manner it was set up to be used as. I’m not daft (well not all the time! ;O) ) but although I am extremely brave and out there with the best for most things, I really dread making a complete tit of myself and either give people the wrong impression of me or not fit in with what is expected. I was not sure on my first question if I had taken the ‘be as detailed as possible and put as much effort in as you can’ too far or not but no-one complained and many were encouraging and very welcoming. Same with my profile – how much is too much info or too little! Any way, thank you all foryour help and guidance and making my experience on here a real pleasure.
Rainbowspirit :o)

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@rainbowspirit : Just be careful. It’s way too easy to get hooked on Fluther and never come up for air! They had start paying @augustlan because she was here so much doing so much for everyone! Fluther will bring you in and…never…let…you…go…..

I can feel those endorphins kicking in as we speak…

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@JilltheTooth: OMG you are dead right there. I thought I had spooks mucking araound with my clocks and putting them forward while i wasn’t looking and busy on here – after all I was only on 20 mins!!! I can already see in the short time that I have been a member how very easily you could get hooked on here. I try and justify that with the thought that I am improving my mind and learning new things every time Im on here. Only two days ago I learned that Lemonheads in the USA are sweets and not cocaine addicts as it means in the UK. Now, you can see how that could be really important that fact could be lol :oS

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