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How many fluther users right now are thinking about leaving?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) September 24th, 2010

How many of you are bored with it and are thinking about leaving us forever?

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Not this fella, not for the foreseeable anyway.

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Not bored, no. But a little bit frustrated with the internet in general, just so happens to have manifested here. I don’t know that I will actually leave, but it has crossed my mind a few times today.

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Many many, many days I have thought about leaving fluther…but it was just a thought. When I get bored or frustrated, I just take a break and do some things that I should be doing anyway.

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No, I enjoy it too much. I’ve made some friends, and once when I was really depressed, someone on Fluther sent me several PMs that helped cheer me up. I like the community here.

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I don’t even know how to be bored. It’s not something that is in my vocabulary.

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I’m not sure I will ever leave for good, but things are getting quite busy at the moment, so I might have to take a few weeks off.

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Not at all bored. However, I’m with @TheOnlyNeffie on this one. There’s a way that people relate to each other on the internet that depresses me. I feel like there’s also a lack of diversity in terms of opinions about social issues, political issues, etc….

However, I cannot criticize this place when it comes to information about “real world” questions (e.g., what’s a good software program for X).

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@iamthemob It’s a lot more easy to be a populist on the web. No one can prove you wrong or hold you to your word.

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Y’all wish lol.

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Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m thinking of leaving fluther and having dinner. I’m hungry. A couple years ago, my computer crashed and altho I didn’t purposely leave fluther, I got very busy and didn’t return for seven months (I’ve had a mishap or two using my iphone, one well documented here on fluther). I’ve taken shorter subsequent breaks because I felt overwhelmed by very heavy activity or things got stale due to redundancy, but, thus far, I always return. I ‘ve made a lot of friends here and there are times where I’ll spend a lot of time on the PM system with no or infrequent responses to questions. Altho quite a few fluther friends have seemingly permanently departed for a variety of reasons, I find it damn comfortable here and, my penchant for verbosity is rarely criticized.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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No, because people like @whatthefluther are here. I can’t leave because I care too much about them.

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I haven’t thought about leaving. I have just started migrating away.

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A lot of people take breaks, for a variety of reasons. Some leave us for good, and some of those who have are sorely missed.

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I don’t think about leaving Fluther; Fluther thinks about leaving me.

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Not me. Of course when I have a particularly bad experience here, I consider leaving; that happens every now and then and I’m sure it happens to other people. But as others have said, usually what I do is take a break and I’ll feel like coming back here.

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Nope. I <3 Fluther.

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Yup. I’m leaving.

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If the nonsense ABC games and such take over, I would consider it.

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@YARNLADY Yeah…I’ve participated in some…so I don’t want to be a hypocrite but seriously…I agree.

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Bored? What!?!

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I really want to take a break from fluther, but it’s like the only site I visit. So, needless to say, I would be incredibly bored.

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I can’t say I am bored with it. Many topics I like to talk about on here I never could with the people who are around me. I can’t mention most of my favorite topics with my family nor anyone else I know of. Most guys that I do know are more of a roughneck type, they only want to talk about hunting, guns, 4 wheeling, cars, trucks, John Deere and how much Obama sucks. I would hardly call myself a redneck for I am much more of a science buff, more of a nerdy type. It gets very old to have to constantly here most people I know or work with talk about the same dam subjects over and over again so Fluther is somewhat of an outlet for me to talk about things that interest me. I like hearing from different types of people I normally would never have any contact with and their viewpoints. I can’t say I am bored with Fluther or I would just stop logging on then. Maybe I need to move from here.

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@Jabe73 Dude, where do you live?

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Could be near me… West Virginia ain’t exactly loaded with nerdy liberals. ;)

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@augustlan I don’t live anywhere near WV. I am about 5hrs from even Pittsburgh (PA is a long state east to west). I live in the north central part of the state. I can’t exactly talk about the Big Bang Theory, evolution, astronomy, quantum physics or many other topics with people that are around me.

@papayalily Most of rural PA, especially the central parts are super conservative. I am 37 and I do not ever remember any Democratic presidential candidate even coming close to winning the majority of the votes in my county during my lifetime even though Obama and Clinton scraped an overall win in the entire state. H.W and W Bush (along with McCain) each won each of their terms by landslides in my area. I don’t consider myself a Christian nor a Republican. I’m not a diehard liberal and I am conservative on some issues but compared to most around me I would be considered a tree hugging god hating liberal (even though I’m a theist myself). I frankly don’t give a shit anyway and I do not hesitate to tell many off in person what I really think when they make statements that are outright retarded and stupid. I guess we are all used to different enviroments and people where each of us grow up and live.

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Update: I’m going through a busy period right now, trying to survive the final weeks of my course and trying to find a job in a harsh market, so I’ll be taking a break from Fluther in the short term. I will be back as time permits.

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Second that.

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Thanks guys!

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I third it, good luck man. :)

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