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The Fluther "get your healthy on thread". Who wants to get healthy?

Asked by Jude (32198points) September 24th, 2010

Why not have a space where we can give each other a bit of encouragement as far as getting our healthy on (becoming healthier jellies)? Mind and body, folks.

What are your goals?

(and for God’s sake, get off of the computer once and awhile. I need to, too!!!).

I want to lose a few pounds.

I want spend less time on the comp.

I want to start writing in a journal.

I want to start enjoying this beautiful Fall.

I want to start running and doing Yoga more.

And, you?

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Fluther is apparently experimenting with categorizing the questions. When I have answered several different questions, I have received a message saying this question will now appear in the (whatever) category. I still don’t see the categories listed.

I suggest you sent your ideas to the ‘contact’ link at the top of the page.

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My goal? Get off the computer once in a while. :)
As a recent plus, I think I have finally convinced my husband to go walking with me which is awesome. He has resisted me for years, but finally he is caving. That makes me very happy, I’m tired of walking alone.

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I need to get motivated to exercise. I know walking is good for you, but I can’t seem to get off my duff and do it. Recently they put new sidewalks on the street where I live. Originally, the front yards extended to the street and therefore was not walking friendly. Now all day, everyday, I see people (young and old), taking advantage of the new sidewalks, running, jogging, and walking or just strolling. I have not taken advantage of the perfect opportunity to start exercising. I’m not asking, because I don’t even want to know what is wrong with this picture:\

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I have been exercising more, eating less, more often and better. So far I’ve dropped about 8 pounds. But I need to start doing a weight routine, and actually cooking for myself more often. I also want to take hot yoga classes but I am kind of afraid I will absolutely die.

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@tragiclikebowie Awesome! Keep it up, girl!

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I need to lose 30 pounds. I think I have forgotten what is a single portion.LOL
I want to get my kid baptized been saying that since she was born. I have to been to church in years( too political) Hope they can do it without joining one.
I want to start saving money.

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I have lost 27 pounds and still want to lose 23 more. I started last December, exercising and eating healthy. It has become a lifestyle but is still a constant issue. I have been thrilled to lose two pant sizes and happy to hear my husbands pleasing comments. It is good to have goals with a healthy lifestyle…for example…I don’t expect to exercise everyday but I MUST workout at least 3 times a week. I really, really, try to limit my “sweets” to weekends only and even then I am careful with the portion size. Reading nutrition information is so important for me. These are just a couple things that have helped me.

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I want to stay consistent with my healthy eating habits. For the most part I am a health eater, but I go through really bad phases where I eat GARBAGE! I want to take control over my cravings, I have a terrible sweet tooth, and I am a BIG TIME emotional eater!!
I want to improve my self esteem… So I guess there’s some mental wellness I need to work on.
I do Yoga as often as possible but I could do it all day every day and still not get enough. Ha.
I definitely need to stay off the computer a little more, but I dont know if that’s an option when I am taking online courses, AND it’s the only way I can talk to my husband. But I could probably do a little less fluther and facebook

@tragic- If you like regular yoga you’ll love hot yoga! I like Bickram (sp?) the best… I think that’s my favortie flow style. Just don’t be afraid to stop in the middle if you have to, listen to your body. It feels amazing and it’s so good for you! It’s empowering. Definitely give it a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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I need to get back into exercising. I used to walk several miles a day (with my dog) but now my dog is elderly and can’t manage more than a stroll round the park, I’ve put on about 30 pounds in 18 months. I don’t need to lose it all because I was too skinny before, but losing 15 would be good. I know it’s entirely due to insufficient exercise though.

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downtide, be encouraged that if you don’t, you should still take your dog for a stroll. It is good for him or her to keep flexible. Maybe walk him once a day and then a second time during the day take a brisker walk yourself. Two short walks are just as effective as one long walk plus it helps keep your metabolism up! It might be hard at first but you can do it!

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@autumnsunset she already gets 2 shorter walks and it’s still nowhere near the 3 miles a day we used to do. There’s no way she’s capable of that any more, even broken up into chunks. I just have to find the motivation to go walking without her.

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I’ve been neglecting yoga for the last 2 weeks; my goal is to start it up again Monday. I eat fairly healthy plus I run and play tennis, but I want to be really good at tennis. My mental health has been alright but I’ve got a little stress in my life that I have to deal with. I’ve made a decision that has ripped me apart though I know it’s the best for my beloved dog. Next week I will need all the best words to keep my mental health from eating me alive.

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Hmm…I’m already pretty healthy but might aswell try to be the best I can! I want to push myself to train for Cross Country but since my father smokes in the basement, it makes me not want to go down there and run on the treadmill. I guess I can run around the block…

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@ultramarine_ocean: I don’t know where you live but this is the best time of the year for walks in many places… I just love the fall! Can you move the treadmill? Or ask your dad to smoke outside maybe? It’s not healthy for you, anyone in your house, or any pets you may have to have someone smoke inside.

It was recommended to me to stop eating cow dairy and refined sugars to clear up my stuffiness and congestion from my allergies. I started today and I am really hoping that it will help me to lose some weight too. I plan to get back into going to pilates again next week also. I really need to control my eating, or at least eat healthier stuff if I’m going to be eating so much. Lately I feel like I’m never actually full, and I’m always looking for more food :/

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@Samantha_Rae Hmmm…I can’t move the treadmill, mainly because there’s nowhere to put it since my home is small. It is the best time to be running outside because of it being kinda cool but not cold. I’ll probably ask my father to smoke outside later. I would probably ask him to quit , but I’ve been told how hard it is to do so.

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@Ultramarine_Ocean: tell him how much you love him and how important it is to you that he lives for a long time. quitting is hard for some people but there are so many great resources out there now… why don’t you look into this site for him?

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I need to lose about 30 to 40 lbs. My problem is that I can’t taste stuff (I can’t smell vinegar, but other smells drive me up the wall). The things I can taste are spicy hot, sweet, and salty. Not the greatest deal for trying to lose weight.

Trying to walk several times a week.

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Goals? Hmmm.

-Swim 50 yards in < 30 seconds (I swim 3X weekly)

-Complete the next three college classes,which are actually my last three classes to complete my Bachelor’s degree

-Spend more time kayaking and introduce it to my family.

-Shove more grilled ribs into young Marines and give ear to their personal stories…and maybe invest.

-Educate myself more, so that I am as ready as ‘book-smarts’ will allow to rent my house, since I can’t sell it (with any hope of breaking even).

-Somehow shift my paradigm from Stepdad to a more ‘Dad-like’ role with my step-daughter.

-Allow all pain and problem to become personal growth.

-Learn more about surving without society, since the zombie apocalypes is completely unavoidable, or at least the end of world via stupid people.

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I scrolled up to see what my answer was and I’m happy to report that since then I have in fact managed to lose most of that excess weight, and I’m now back down to the weight I want to be.

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I have lost 10 lbs since last posting. That’s a start.

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I definitely want to get healthy! I have been walking on the treadmill about three miles a day and working with weights at least four days a week. I am learning some yoga poses as well to help with flexibility.

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I’m not feeling well at all right now. I’ve had it with what we call in the US “traditional medicine”. Before I was educated enough to know any better, they managed to screw me up pretty badly. I’ve been working on healing myself ever since.

I have an appointment in a week to see a holistic MD. (YAAAY!

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When you do interval running doesn’t that induce cortisol that isn’t good
for your body to start with and what makes you fat in the first place?

How can you exercise and not stress your body out and have Cortisol
play a big roll? Someone explain this to me please.

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@MooCows this is a good question but on an old thread. I think you should ask this as a new question. I have something to say but will only say it on a new question!

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