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Can you recommend a good space heater?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) September 24th, 2010

I can’t control the heat in my apartment, so I’m going to need a really kick-ass space heater this winter to heat my place up. Suggestions? I’d really like to stay away from anything that requires that you be practically sitting on it to feel the heat.

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I suggest a ceramic heater because it is cool to the touch and puts out a lot of heat. I have a small one that heats up my entire family room in the basement.

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The bad news is that all pretty much all portable heaters put out about the same heat; they’re limited to about 1500 watts otherwise their electric wires would melt. Among the best heaters in that category are the Pelonis ” Disc Furnace Model PF-1212/B6A1”
and the Delonghi Micathermic heater
The Pelonis will heat a room faster, but it makes more noise. The DeLonghi is effectively silent, so it’s great for bedrooms if you’re bothered by fan noise. If you want serious BTU’s you should not rely on a portable, but get a 220V or gas-fed space heater instead.

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I have one of these.

It came pretty close to keeping my small RV warm when it was covered in snow.

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I have a little Pelonis, the Model HC-451 that can be seen at @GeorgeGee‘s link. I love it. It’s small and puts out a lot heat and like @johnpowell I use it to heat my small RV sometimes. And, @GeorgeGee, thanks for the link. I haven’t seen my owner’s manual for that thing in a a few years and they had a PDF of it at the site.

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I have one of these, not this particular model, but the one made like 14 years ago by the same company. Anyway, it works really well, has adjustable heat output and mine has lasted me 14 years, as I said. Still works like it’s new.

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I use one of the oil filled type that radiates heat quietly. It gets hot pretty fast and has two power settings. On the higher power setting there is a good chance it will trip a breaker if it is on a circuit with one too many appliances in use. It’s all steel construction and that is what seems to me to be what a heater should be made of. I know there are some heaters that are plastic and seem to work ok, but it’s the plastic that gives me the willies.

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Another vote for the Pelonis disc furnace. Mine is ~15 years old and still works like new.

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I have one like @MissAnthrope ‘s but it’s old so its really hot . I love it; got it for $35 at a thrift store. I got a new one and it’s half as warm and wants to tip over .
I only need one in the bathroom.
@MissAnthrope, beautiful avatar.

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