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Why is Stanford always so bad in the NCAA tournament?

Asked by mgandal (27points) March 16th, 2007
In basketball, Staford always seems to do well in the Pac-10. This year they beat UCLA (2 seed), Oregon (3 seed), WSU (4 seed), USC (5 seed). Stanford also has done well out of conference beating teams like UVa (4 seed), Texas Tech (10 seed). But every year when Stanford gets to the NCAA tournament they seem to get blown away. I can't figure it out???
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it happens. Winthrop, my school, has been to the NCAA tourney 7 out of the last 9 years and this is the first year we made it to round 2. So it happens.
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Stanford has high admissions standards, and unfortunately, most of the great ball players that are being recruited into NCAA teams, can't meet them. notice how yale and harvard never are in the tourney AT ALL

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