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Oh Han Solo You've screwed me over this time!

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) March 29th, 2008

My girlfriend and I have been going out for months and recently she decided to take the leap and say, “I love you.”
I panicked and the only reasonable response that I could think of at the time was, “I Know.”
She left after I said this and still hasn’t responded to my calls. What should I do?

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Get frozen in carbonite and convince your younger naive friend into using her help for your rescue. The plus side is you’ll get to see her in a metal bikini.

Now for the serious answer:

Explain to her that “I love you” is powerful, so powerful you don’t want to throw it away and you feel that if you say it now it will devalue you it and the last thing you want to do is devalue someone as important as she is to you and apologize for the Han Solo reference. Blame it on being a geek, it will be more endearing than insulting.

Sorry, I’m on the iPhone.

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It’s hard to pull that off if your not as cool as Harrison Ford.

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If you feel the same way you would have said it back without hesitation.

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explain to her that your brain is hardwired with nerdy things like this, and that she’s prettier than Princess Leia.

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Do you feel love for her?

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Obviously he doesn’t. He would have said “I love you too”

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@baby- he might love her and just have been taken by surprise when she said it. When I first had my ex say it to me I just sorta sat there and didn’t say anything until later that night when I knew I loved him.

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True, but she left without him saying it back. She hasn’t been returning his calls. If you do love her then do something spontaneous to show her. Show up at her house if she isn’t answering your calls.

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Better yet, show up at her house with flowers!!!

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@baby – That is true, but then there is the pissibility that she might find him a total creeper for doing that on the first time of them saying it, hahah. It is a good idea, but it just comes with a possible bad outcome like everything else in the world. It would be sweet like iSteve said to show up with flowers or something and say “I love you too” (o:

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Explain that “I know” means more than responding “I love you too” ever could.

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you did what every guy does when a girl unexpectedly makes a move… You froze.. Just explain youself to her if you even get the chance mate…

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