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Does it ever feel like God made this life just for you to live it?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) September 24th, 2010

Sometimes i feel like god made this life just for me to live it. that it was all planned out and made just to fit me. i wonder if everybody feels this way and i wonder if it really is a unique feeling.

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I would find that to be an incredibly disturbing feeling.

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If that is so, then god must not like me.

but I don’t believe all that jazz, so I my answer is no.

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No. I believe in God, but I’m finding it hard to believe this is what my life was meant to be.

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I used to, but not that there was a “god” involved… I remember in middle and high school, my mother would tell me to do my work and I’d be like “what’s the point? I never hand things in late, so it’s going to get done… it’s probably done already, I just need to actually (physically) do it.” Does that make sense? I felt like my life was mapped out, planned already for me… but I don’t feel this way anymore, and I certainly do not believe in a god.

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No. Never. You think god plays those kind of games? Look around you. Look at all the misery and torment and horror that some people in this world go through. Do you think god made their lives just for them? What makes you so goddamn special?

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Yes, an interesting thing to ponder! Am I the only conscious person here? Am I everyone else, too? (Wonderful short story, by the way)

You are certainly not the only one who has had these thoughts. It is difficult to prove or disprove, just like the existence of god, but it comes down to realizing that other people can think, hear, see, feel for themselves, and you shouldn’t be self centered enough to think that you have something others don’t.

You are going to probably get hate for this question especially from the religious folks, but there is no harm in casual philosophy if no final conclusion that causes harm is reached. I remember thinking similar thoughts myself after watching both The Matrix and The Truman Show, just playing around with the thought in my head. Even if life were designed for you, what would that change in your life? Would you want people to worship you? Would you become a jerk? Would you not change at all?

Tricky thoughts, but fun to think over :)

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I don’t really believe in god, per se or in any real traditional sense, but I do believe that I have a very explicit purpose in life.

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Wow @Arp I’ve never seen you write something so meaningful and inspiring. I’m impressed my friend. Good show. Lurve!

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I hope not. If I had to compare God’s plan to something with the way things seem to work, I’d say it was akin to a small kid who made an ant farm and then just forgot about it two days later.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard So who created your purpose? Destiny has to have had a creator, right?

@Axemusica thanks :)

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@Arp – his answer didn’t exclude the possibility of a god. Just doesn’t require one as a necessity.

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That’s right. He did say per se, too.

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I suppose I am a bit fuzzy on the meaning of “per se” :x

Sorry, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard

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@Arp, I found/made it for myself. It just felt right.

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@Arp not necessarily.
Destiny -3. the power or agency that determines the course of events.

Power / Angency ≠ Creator

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Do you mean you have no empathy, humanity? Are you pulling people’s legs?

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Fate and destiny are ideas that trouble me greatly not so much because they preclude free will but because they are are good way to “blame the victim” for what happens to him or her, because it was simply destiny; it was fate. It’s a great and easy way to abdicate the responsibilities we have to ourselves, to our loved ones and to other people to try to make the world a better and more just place because why should we bother with or care about anyone or anything because it’s all predestined?

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Not even a tiny little bit. If there were a God, and he were to have made this life for me, I would have preferred that it had been a very different world than the one I live in.

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Isn’t this the guy who thinks he’s a prophet or something?

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That’s an awful lot of actors (some willing to suffer miserably) to hire and subplots to orchestrate, is it not?
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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@DominicX – that was I was thinking. I have already alerted the mods

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A person can drive themselves nuts trying to contemplate that. I do believe in God but whatever his plan, he’s not talking to me about it.
However, I am grateful for the life I’ve had. Its been pretty good and I’ve seen thousands of reasons why it could have been worse. and life could’ve been a lot different had I been born a different place and time.

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No, I don’t believe in gods or fate. This life is a result of the chaotic processes of nature, and I plan to make the best of it without any feeling that I am more special than anyone else.

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@all i guess i just got extremely lucky… i feel sometimes like everything was made to suit me and me it. like my life was a great plan told over and over again. and i get to live it and be in it and just marvel at it….

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nothing about it seems self centered at the time because it includes my past present and future and all the people in those times. they are all part of the plan and i just get to be and feel and experience life and its ups and downs and its exhilarating….

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they modded my prophet question. i had like two hundred hits and i had to throw it out…

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im just naive

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I’m not trying to be mean, truly. But I want you to understand that the things you talk about and profess to believe (this question, the moderated “Am I the next great prophet to grace the world stage since mohhamad?”(sic), Is narcissism a bad thing?, and Do you think you owe the world or do you believe that the world owes you? ) are not rational. I sincerely believe that you may be exhibiting signs of mental illness. I urge you to get evaluated, sooner rather than later.

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No. Never even crossed my mind.

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@KeithWilson….I don’t know you. Perhaps you are a naive young man having difficulty sorting out issues of self-esteem and perhaps you do need some help in that regard, but please hear me out. Let’s assume there is a next great prophet out there. Do you really think such a person would need to proclaim themselves as such rather setting an example and offering the wisdom that would have others recognize them as so? Unfounded boasting based on supposition, hardly seems appropriate for one who will one day attain such high esteem, now does it? And if self-proclamation alone were enough, there are thousands upon thousands of great prophets among us, with the highest concentrations of them residing in institutions.
Is it unfathomable to you to think you are in fact just another one of us bit players, a supporting actor, sent here by the supreme powers you recognize, to show the real next great prophet an example of all the wrong things to do: that self-proclamation is self-defeating and will not result in one attaining the high level of esteem that must be recognized by others, not merely self-suggested by one such as you? If it makes you feel any better, just think, even though you are a mere pawn just like the rest of us ordinary folk, you were put here to be of great service to the next great prophet. Bravo! Good job. Do take a curtain call.
Well, now that your service is done, you can either go curl yourself up in a corner and await futher direction, which would find you dying in an institution while waiting, or you can wake up and get on with your life. Further self-proclamation on fluther is a waste of whatever it is you bring to the table, (our shared real world), and have to offer. I might suggest you take a realistic look at yourself and imagine realistic goals because I don’t believe you have shown a glimpse of anything that indicates to me, or anyone else, that you are somehow chosen or “special”, at least in the good sense of that word. I further suggest you stfu in regards to being the next great prophet. But that, of course, comes from one who is but a supporting actor in your world, but put there undoubtedly, for that very purpose.
Exhilarating, huh?
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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We chose what our lives will be, not God.

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@whatthefluther pretty good stuff…

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Any opportunity to quote Douglas Adams:

“This ultimately comes down to the insanely supreme arrogance of religious thinking: that a carbon-based bag of mostly water on a speck of iron-silicate dust around a boring dwarf star in a minor galaxy in an underpopulated local group of galaxies in an unfashipnable suburb of a supercluster would look up at the sky and declare ‘It was all made so that I could exist!’”

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@Seek_Kolinahr Hahahahahaha! Yeah but, digital watches really are a pretty good idea. Maybe I’ll go read some Vogon poetry. This guy could be the answer to the universal question; what would make reading Vogon poetry a pleasure?

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@whatthefluther i had a lot of those same thoughts. I just like to have fun. In my day to day life i dont talk about this kinda stuff for precisely those reasons. but the internet is neat in the fact that you can bounce your ideas off of anonymous people and at the end of the day you can just turn the computer off and be done with. It is a bit pretentious what im doing here, but it was definitely fun to try.
@augustlan im currently being treated for schizophrenia. which may explain the delusions of grandeur. Lol

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@KeithWilson….Purposely and anonymously inciting others on the internet for your pleasure is called trolling. Fluther is a successful internet site because it is, for the most part, comprised of open and honest individuals who are willing to invest their time and energy to share knowledge, experience and insight because of the mutual respect they receive. We don’t toy with each other because we can power down our devices at the end of the day and bask in the glory of the shit we stirred up at the expense of others. Your words may not be sufficient to see you permanently banned, but rest assured you will soon find yourself summarily avoided and ignored by the other site participants. And something tells me that that result will run counter to the desired result of your treatment for your condition, that being your mental health. Discuss your actions with your therapist and see if they agree. I wish you the very best in your treatment and look forward to your future participation here being open and honest and respectful.
See ya…..Gary/wtf
@Seek_Kolinahr….That Adam’s quote is precious…..thank you!

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@whatthefluther ive been called a troll on other sites and i didnt know what it meant. I didnt think i was doing this to purposely incite others. Actually, i still dont think that is what im doing. just because it is interesting to see the results doesnt mean that the questions were invalid to begin with. my motivation was personal, not malicious. I do realize though that maybe my way of doing things looks bad. where else could i get honest answers about questions like these?

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im currently being treated for schizophrenia

Thank you. I’m bookmarking this so all future “prophetic” discussions can be explained and dismissed with this quote.

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Even if everything has been going amazingly well for you, you may know of wonderful people who are living in varying degrees of misery. So, why would you marvel (“i get to live it and be in it and just marvel at it….”) at it? You never heard of anyone who said ”...I lost my brother my father in a car accident, I lost my job, I was diagnosed with cancer, all within 2 years”, or something similar? So, you never know…

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@seek_kolinahr schizophrenia is the acting diagnosis, but it doesnt really tell you anything about me. at first it was a curse, but ive come to see it as a gift. things arent always what they seem.

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@KeithWilson Good to hear you’re enjoying schizophrenia a lot more than my brother did. Glad to hear the disease has improved the life of someone, at least. But from observing my brother, it seems to get a whole lot less fun with every passing year. Don’t pin your whole life on the apparent quality of your delusions. It’s a godawful waste and the disease will systematically destroy you and it will break the hearts of everyone who loves and cares about you.

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@lilycoyote you may not know my testimony, but if you did i think you would understand a little better.

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No, but when I die if the stars go out you will know I was wrong.

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I’m going take the a feather from @Seek_Kolinahr‘s hat and quote Douglas Adams too, I feel like he has the perfect answer for this question. Sorry about the random background music, I haven’t found I video without strange music added in for no reason.

Also worth a listen.

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Well He did! You are not here by accident and if you zig in your life He will zag to accomodate your humanity. He is always here for you!

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No, but I sometimes feel that I am the only real person here, and everyone else are just actors, like the movie “The Truman Show.”

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