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What are some things that make you nervous?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 25th, 2010

Anything you can think of?

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crowds, parties, other people upset around me

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Oh, geez.. the easier question to answer would be what doesn’t make me nervous. ~

Talking on the phone, crowds, bars, large groups of strangers, most social situations, job interviews, girls, driving with a lot of semi trucks on the road, going places by myself..

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A driver behind or next to my car talking on the cell phone. People talking loudly in movie theaters. Driving in the rain and at night. Gun racks in cars. Motorcyclists and kids on bicycles.

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Waiting for things makes me nervous. Waiting in line. Waiting to get waited on in a store or a restaurant makes me nervous. Busy signals and being on hold on the phone makes me nervous. Creepy guys in elevators make me nervous. Sitting down to pay my bills always makes me nervous, even when I have enough money to pay them; I don’t quite get that one. Making phone calls that I have to make but would rather not make. Returning and exchanging things to stores. What the hell is that about? Discussing money with people. There are a lot more things. I may be more like @MissAnthrope, as in “what doesn’t make me nervous” than I’m willing to admit, but the above may have already blown my cover.

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@Austinlad “Gun racks in cars”. What? That is crazy! I’ve never even heard of that before.

Speaking in public, hanging out with a new person one on one for the first time, math, people who are very quick to anger, walking by myself or taking the bus by myself at night, clowns, doing anything in public alone (eat out, go to the movies, etc.), gory things because they get stuck in my head for weeks…

I’m probably one of those people, like above, who are nervous about a lot of things.

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Talking to a person in an authority position who is questioning me, whether I was in the right or wrong. Also, driving in really bad weather.

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Bob… loll just kidding! A three foot putt to win money off my friends makes me nervous. .

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Running out of toilet paper.

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Anticipation of confrontation makes me incredibly nervous. And I’m nervous throughout any confrontation. Of course, my idea of confrontation may be different than yours. For me, it’s any difficult conversation be it emotional, professional or something that has provoked me to anger.

The other thing that makes me nervous is being in traffic and having someone right on my bumper when I have nowhere to go. I keep worrying about having to stop suddenly and getting rear-ended.

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Blue envelopes (tax office).

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@DrasticDreamer Every redneck in WV has a gun rack in their truck. Camouflaged of course.
Loud constant noises such as someone standing beside me jingling their change, a screaming baby after about 10 minutes, driving over those bridges that you can see through that have metal instead of concrete flooring.

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Having to dance down Castro Street in a speedo to Jackass’s Partyboy because I lost a bet with a friend.

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@DrasticDreamer, I should have said trucks, which is very common in Texas. It’s legal to tote a rifle in a truck it it’s registered and in plain sight. I hate that.

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Talking in front of an audience
Not having any money oops! that would be depression.

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Not me, my daughter. when my daughter was younger, she would go into a nervous frenzy, if anyone used nail clippers in the house. my daughters hearing was extremely sensitive. i tried to clip my fingernails under a blanket, at the other end of the house, one time. believe it or not, she came screaming. so, i just retreated to my atuomobile and out of her hearing range. never could determine why this upset her so much. she is now 42 years old and doesn’t give a flip.

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Riding in the car while my sister is driving.

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meeting people for the first time, calling people back, people unexpectedly coming to my house (which I have little control over since I still live at home), being in the same place for too long, people fidgeting around me

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Grizzly bears and sharks are at the top of my list.
I can’t imagine that changing anytime soon ;)


constantly barking dogs,
very loud music,
driving on a freeway,

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I’m nervous when I’m home alone lately.

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Being in a hospital, being in the car while some of my more reckless friends drive, walking alone at night, driving on SR-17 in California at night (the most dangerous highway in the state), being around people who are angry, being around big dogs, etc.

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When my boyfriend doesn’t call when he says he will. I worry that something bad has happened.

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Surveying racks of stuff and/or clothing in stores whats up with that? particularly if the store is too warm, being a passenger in a car when someone else is driving, especially my husband, having to be somewhere at a certain time like the dentist’s office rare, luckily. and driving past dark which is also very rare.

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@DominicX – I hear you on Hwy 17. When I was younger and stupider, my record flying over the hill from SC to SJ was 10 minutes. I drove 17 so much that I treated it like a race course. Tell me how I didn’t die cause I don’t know!

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I don’t know why, but my entire survival instinct goes into overdrive when either my phone rings or when someone knocks at the door. I’m very solitary, and I don’t care if it’s bill collectors or friends, just fuck off already.

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@Symbeline LOL on the fuck off already.
Escalators make me nervous.Step on them and them getting off. Have no clue why?

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@Frenchfry :) You just reminded me about metal detectors. I’m always terrified that they’ll go off even when I have nothing with me.

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Any sort of public speaking, and sometimes even just speaking to a group of friends or family when everyone’s attention is on me and what i have to say. Also a snake in the yard would make me nervous. And a spider too close to me in the room also makes me nervous. When i used to write exams that made me a little nervous (getting to the exam on time and finding a seat made me nervous, not writing it).

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