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Are you six degrees away from Kevin Bacon?

Asked by downtide (23515points) September 25th, 2010

Six degrees of separation (also referred to as the “Human Web”) refers to the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. This idea was popularised in a variation in which you tried to link any random person (usually another actor) with Kevin Bacon.

Can you link yourself to Kevin Bacon, and if so, in how many degrees of separation? Can you link yourself to any other celebrity in this way?

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me > a lady I used to work with >
her friend who happens to be Dominic Monaghan’s mum >
Dominic Monaghan >
Sean Astin (worked with Dominic in Lord of the Rings) >
Kevin Bacon (worked with Sean in White Water Summer)

You don’t count yourself in the chain so that’s 5 degrees for me.

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Me > A teacher I had in high school > She taught a class with, then student, Richard Gere > Richard Gere was in a film with Terry Kinney (Miles from Home) > Terry Kinney was in a film with Kevin Bacon (Sleepers)

That’s only 4 degrees, but it’s the best I could do.

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Three degrees to a bunch of Hollywood stars I cannot name
My former boss
Has a friend who works in a California drug/alcohol rehab center
Where she sees a bunch of Hollywood stars whose names she will not tell me

Three degrees to President Obama
A guy I know
His boss works for
President Obama
(That’s four degrees to Carla Bruni, sweeet!!)

Five degrees to Kevin Bacon
A bar owner I know
Started a theater 20 years ago with John Cusack
Who was in a movie with Harry Caesar
Who was in a movie with Kevin Bacon

I used The Oracle of Bacon for that last one.

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@jaytkay Three degrees to President Obama is pretty awesome.

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Me -> used to be good friends with Michelle Branch who had small role as a DJ in the movie The Hot Chick -> Matthew Lawrence, who was also in that movie. He was also in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with -> Kevin Bacon

3 degrees for me.

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I talked to Jay Leno at a Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks in 2007, and KB was on his show in 2005, so I’m oneº from the Bacon. :-p

I shook hands with Chas Chandler (bassist for the Animals), who helped Jimi Hendrix get started in England, so I was 1 DOS from Hendrix.

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Not only that, but thanks to you, I now realize that I’m only 1º of sep from my crush, Michelle B. ♥♥

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@Brian1946 Haha! She’s a pretty cool chick, but we haven’t talked in a number of years.

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I’ve interviewed Adrianne Curry.
Who was on Howard Stern’s show.
Which also hosted Kevin Bacon.

Edit: I can link myself to pretty much every Star Wars actor/actress directly or with one link.

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I’m two degrees from Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Michael Jackson, Christopher Reeves…and some others.

That’s gotta cover me being three degrees from everyone in Hollywood generally.

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I had some bacon for breakfast this morning. Bacon is Kevin Bacon’s last name.

1 degree.

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Wait. I ran into Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick on the street when I first moved to NYC. Does that count?

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Does that count?

I don’t know. I only count people who would recognize me, but maybe the rules are different.

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Anybody knows if Kevin Bacon ever met Obama?
If yes, then it is 5 degrees.
My little brother worked as a spokesman for our minister of education in the government of our prime minister who met with Obama.

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^ Then I’m 6 degrees from KB – cuz I hosted your 10k party.

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^ And only five from Barack.

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Iron maiden in 2 steps, my grandmother used to work for them. Aiden J harvey in 1 step, he is one of my clients. Leapy lee in 2 steps, my father knows him. and there is probably some kind of link to right said fred as he has a house not too far from here, but i know of no chain. thats about it i think.

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I can link myself to my “honey cakes” Edward Norton. I am friends with Lori Hutt (we were majorettes together) > she is married to Edward’s cousin. So I guess that is 3 degrees.

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I doubt it. I have no idea who Kevin Bacon hangs out with, but they’re probably more than five steps from anyone I know. The whole six-steps idea seems pretty unlikely to me anyway. Hollywood is next door compared with, say, someone in remote Kazakhstan or Tanzania or Nepal. I’ll bet there are people in parts of the U.S. that I can’t connect with at all.

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this question is nearly a duplicate of Do you remember 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon asked one day ago.

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I connect to Kevin Bacon in only one degree. I’ve seen Animal House several times.

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My number from Kevin Bacon is 2.

I worked with an actor on a show who later worked with Kevin on the film Mystic River.

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I know two film directors who have worked with Kevin.

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Proud to say I only one degree away from my all-time favorite singer, Frank Sinatra. A lifelong friend of mine, an actor named John Hillerman, who was “Higgins” on Magnum PI, did an episode with Sinatra in the ‘90s. I was also one degree away from JFK and LBJ, as my uncle was an advisor to both presidents.

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@jaytkay That Oracle of Bacon link is fantastic. I’m four degrees away from Kevin Bacon, who’da thunk it?

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@Austinlad – Oh, do tell Mr Hillerman that I loved him as Howard Johnson in Blazing Saddles? Please? “As honorary chairman of the welcoming committee, it’s my privilege to present a laurel and hearty handshake to our new… ”

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I can connect myself to Kevin Bacon in one degrees!
My dad’s half cousin Joel Schumacher directed Flatliners>
Kevin Bacon was an actor in Flatliners

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@Angi I am new to this degrees thing, but I would think that was more than one degree . . .

you to your dad (1), your dad to his half cousin (2), the half cousin to Kevin Bacon (3). Maybe I just don’t get this game . . .

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I think @Kayak8 is right. It would go:

@Angi > Angi’s dad > Joel Schumacher > Kevin Bacon

That’s 3 degrees.

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I once had dinner with Claude Dallas.  Matt Salinger played Claude Dallas in Manhunt For Claude Dallas and was also in Under The Tuscan Sun with (the very hot) Diane Lane, who was in My Dog Skip with… Kevin Bacon.

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I once cooked dinner for Joe Piscopo at an Italian restaurant I worked at.
Joe Piscopo was in Dead Heat with Treat Williams
Treat Williams was in Deep end of the Ocean with Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg was in Destination anywhere with Kevin Bacon11

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2 degrees – Comedian Louie Anderson stayed for a week at a hotel in Minneapolis where I worked. He would often hang out at the front desk and chat with us. He even sent a very nice fruit basket to the staff after he checked out. Mr. Anderson co-starred in the 1986 movie Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon.

In all honesty, I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know if the two actually met.

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me>my friend Rachel>who is friends with Andrea McArdle>who was in Annie on Broadway with Sarah Jessica Parker>who did Footloose with Kevin Bacon… that..four?

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