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Handles on my white refridgerator have yellowed how can I get them white again?

Asked by Isis12254 (1points) September 25th, 2010

How do I get the handles on my white refridgerator white again, they have turned yellow. Also, my food processor has yellowed. I have tried bleach, and several cleaning products using plenty of elbow grease. Help!!!!!!

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You may have to replace the handles to get them truly white again.

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Do you have gas heat? If so, that is probably what caused the yellowing. Short of repainting with appliance paint you will probably have to replace them.

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If using bleach has not worked, then a replacement is in order.

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There is homemade concoction for plastic computer cases called retr0bright.

But @john65pennington is right, bleach would probably have worked if it is possible.

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Sometimes bleach can actually turn plastic yellow, or so the appliance guy told me. I have the same problem with the oven handle on my stove.

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@jaytkay I have yellowing refridgerator handles and some old computer cabinets and hydrogen preoxide. All I need is a UV light and dome Oxiclean to test out the recipe. Thanks

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a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda left sitting for a few minutes worked on my stove handles.

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