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What are these lumps on my legs?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) September 25th, 2010

I’ve had these lumps on my legs for the past two weeks now or something…
They are sometimes so itchy like right now, and when I scratch if feels soooo goood.
I ask my mom she says that maybe it could be tuberculosis, I doubt that is it.
I don’t know what they are.
I have two on my left leg, one under the knee (leg) and one on the ankle. Then again the other leg, but only one.

Help me please cause it’s kinda irritating, it has noting to do with shaving cause I havent shaved in a pretty long time.

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It could be any number of things. You should ask your mom to take you to the doctor.

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Are they boils? @TheOnlyNeffie Is right you should go to the doctor?

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Really they could be boils, insect bites, some kind of rash, hives, ingrown hairs.. or something else entirely. Scratching is never good, so don’t scratch. See your doctor, he will tell you what they are and most like prescribe something to help with the itching and hopefully to heal.

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If scratching feels good, its most likely bug bites of some sort. Try taking something like benadryl to help with the itching. Did they start after your camping trip?

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barnaclebill, yes they started after my camping trip. I also got mosquito bites on my aarms and damn its so good to scratch! – Do you think maybe they could be mosquito bites?

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Sounds like mosquito bites.

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If they are on your lower legs, and you were in the US, I would say they are chigger bites. Chiggers are these little bitty bug bites that itch like heck. The bugs get under your skin, and stay there until you scratch and scratch. They last a lot longer than mosquito bites. I am not sure if there are chiggers in Denmark/Sweden, but we would always put a dab or clear nail polish on the bite, and that would make them go away. They don’t make you sick or anything, but are annoying because they itch like crazy.

This is a “know your bug bites” presentation from WebMD. Chigger bites are slide 17.

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ahh, then I think they are mosquito bites…
Though I’ll try the clear nail polish trick just to see what it does.

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Mosquito bites take 2 days or less to stop itching.
Chiggers take 2 or 3 WEEKS to stop. I’m an expert on chigs.

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Clear nail polish is never a good thing to put on your skin. Try natural remedies which can be very effective. I’d still recommend going to a dermatologist if you are unsure as you may require medication. If they don’t heal shortly or come back, see a dermatologist then at least.

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@ninahenry they are gone now. I don’t scratch anymore. Thank you for tha nailpolish advise.

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Mosquitos, then.

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I think they were mosquitos.

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