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Why doesn't tin foil give you nasty cuts whenever you use it?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) March 29th, 2008

I was pulling out the tin foil today, and screwed up my tear, so I crumpled the piece I had, putting my fingers all over the edge and once the ball was tighter I held it pretty firmly. Is there a reason tin foil won’t cut you nearly as easily as paper will?

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Its not as firm or as sharp

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Well I think it’s easily as sharp. paper is just well…paper, is wood sharp? Is watered down wood sharper? I’d imagine the edge of a piece of tin foil is quite a bit thiner than that of papers. But maybe you’re right, maybe it’s because it’s not nearly as sturdy. By being a stronger material it can be thiner, but that means it’s not as useful for cutting flesh…

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