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Your Tumblr theme already appears to support header images. Look for this line near the top of your html source:

<meta name=”image:Header” content=”0”>

Replace the zero with that url to your image, like so:

<meta name=”image:Header” content=””>

Assuming your theme is coded as intended, it should automatically pick that up way down where the content is expressed:

.{block:IfHeaderImage}<td width=”250”><a href=”/”><img src=”{image:Header}” style=”max-width: 100%”/></a></td>{/block:IfHeaderImage}

Note that this theme dictates the width of your image is 250px.

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Thanks for the help, I have done what you said but nothing happened. The only place that seems to edit the background is: #container {
width: 500px;
height: 100%;
background: url( repeat-y;
margin: auto;
padding: 50px 45px;
position: relative;

But if i change this link to mine it repeats down the whole white strip and I only want to change the top so I’m assuming this is overriding my header image, so i must have to edit this in someway any idea?

sorry if I’m being stupid i have never really done HTML before i’m just running on trial and error with my edits

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I’m confused. I just went and looked at your Tumblr… and your image is being used as the header now.

When I look at the source there directly, it appears you followed my advice and all is well.

Perhaps your browser cache needs to be reset?

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Your image is in your header for me as well.

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yeah, did some messing around and got it to work, thanks for the help guys.

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I need help too, I cant put a header image on my tumblr blog.

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