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Anyone know an easy and effective relaxation exercise?

Asked by Gemini (495points) September 25th, 2010

Unfortunately I find myself experiencing a variety of menopausal symptoms…giving my age away here! :)
Anyway, even though I know many of these symptoms can be associated with menopause, they can also be signs of more serious illnesses, such as heart attack, cancer., etc. which of course makes me anxious. I think I’m caught in a vicious cirlcle, so I’d really like to calm my thoughts and see if some of the symptoms disappear.

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You should look into meditation.There is alot of info on the web and books out there :)
Good luck!

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No to be scary, here, but all my symptoms of menopause at 45 turned out to be cervical cancer. Go get a GYN exam and eliminate that possibility from your list of anxieties.
And do what @lucillelucillelucille recommends.

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I agree with getting a checkup to rule out the fears. peace of mind is a priceless commodity.

I also think that yoga classes could help you.

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Thank you all for your suggestions, I very much appreciate this. In the past year I have seen my doctor over a few of these symptoms. Last fall I was experiencing shortness of breath and heartburn, and was sent for chest CT scan which luckily resulted in no signs of any problems. I just had a routine physical examination in June, complete with blood tests, mammogram, pap..etc. This is why I now wonder if anxiety is causing some of my symptoms, which in turn are making me more anxious (?) I will take your suggestions and look into mediation, and possibly yoga. Thanks so much.

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@Gemini : So glad you checked out OK medically!

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@JilltheTooth Thanks…now if I could just get my head on straight! :)

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Definitely meditation and the peace of mind from a checkup! Also, a quick fix is to slowly tense up every muscle in your body from toes to forehead, then release it. Do it a few times and I think you’ll feel more relaxed.

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Walk in the rain for an hour.

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My anxiety is both mentally and physically based and it is difficult to quiet my mind long enough to practice meditation and the “ants in my pants” part of my anxiety makes it hard for me to be still long enough to listen to relaxation tapes so a good walk is what generally works for me. I also find it extremely relaxing to watch slow moving clouds waft across a beautiful blue sky. But, since that is not always an option I found this video for you. It’s not quite the same as the real thing but in full screen mode it is actually pretty soothing. Well, it works for me at least.

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Look into hypnotherapy by an AMA certified hypnotherapist.

I have used hypnosis for relaxation and smoking cessation and I have had wonderful experiences.

If it’s any comfort, I am turning 51 in Dec. and am 2 years on the far side of the menopause scene next month. I have no real complaints, not using any HRT and I feel just fine, other than a few hot flashes still. Oh, and…gaining 20 lbs! Grrrrrr! lol

Your thoughts are creating your anxiety and to learn to relax and be in the now is very important anyway, for everyone.

I also agree with the meditation practice. Good luck to you!

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