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What is written on the coffee cups in the Nervosa coffee shop on the show Frasier?

Asked by linuxgnuru (207points) September 25th, 2010

My dad’s been going nuts trying to find out what is written on the cups at the Nervosa coffee shop; could anyone shed some insight on this? Maybe pause on a blu-ray version?

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We need CSI. Zoom in. Zoom in. Enhance.

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This and this are the best I could do for you…do they look right?

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@JilltheTooth That’s definitely it. Especially the red one.

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Actually, I was more thinking along the lines of something like this

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@linuxgnuru What episode is that from?

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Damn, that’s a tuffie.

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I may know. I have a cup very similiar.
“For Music Puccini,
For Art Bernini, For
Espresso Pasquini”

This website shows the saying on the espresso cups.

I could be wrong, but I’ve grown up with these cups.

There is an espresso machine company called Pasquini

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