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Can I put store-bought fruit and such in my compost for my organic garden?

Asked by generalspecific (1871points) September 25th, 2010

Since things from stores could have all sorts of strange chemicals and whatnot, is it okay to use for compost in an organic garden? Does it even matter?

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I think not.

“What you put in the compost pile is up to you — just remember that it needs to be from an organic material.”

“Making Compost Black Gold for Your Organic Garden”

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I have always put the leavings from store bought fruits and veggies in my compost, and I’ve had lovely black dirt from them. I had a neighbor who would throw these directly on the snow over her garden and rototill them under in the spring. I don’t buy organic, too expensive here.

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I would make sure to clean off the outside surface of store bought fruits and vegetables, but after that, the scraps probably don’t present a problem.

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What @YARNLADY said. As long as you clean or rinse the fruit/veg and make sure the pesticides and such are off, you should be great. The organic material itself, it doesn’t matter where you bought it, really.. it’s just that you don’t want any chemicals going into your compost.

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I wouldn’t give it a second thought. There’s more contamination from dust in the air than you’ll be putting onto the pile from your scraps and leavings. If it didn’t kill you to eat the stuff, regardless of the care you took in preparation, then throw it in and use it.

Really, don’t overthink this.

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If you are eating non organic produce from the store, does it matter to you if you put it in your compost pile? Some purists would say not to buy it in the first place but I will eat non organic and I put it in my compost pile. I do not use pesticides and such in my veggie garden. It is entirely up to you really.

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