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What new names do you think Nintendo will come up for there systems?

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I mean theyve pretty much run out..
tho a Wii2 would be cool LOL

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Super Wii?

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WiiWii :D

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How is WiiWii a good answer?

Its highly doubtful that they will even release a new system, because this one is only a year old and doing very well (wii)

As for the portable systems I think they will be updating the nintendo mini, and maybe redoing the OS for the DS or so I’ve heard.

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who cares
we’re only brainstorming

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the N-10. :D

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I was thinkin RevolutionCube?? lol

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the Wiiii that’s a Roman numeral 2 at the end.

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your logic is terrible. the ps2 sold well, but a ps3 was still made. this is how the console business works.

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r u suggesting a ps4?

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Wii^2 (Wii squared), could go back to Revolution(I always liked that name), or depending on how far our processing power goes the Quii(kwee, for a play of of Qubit).

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From the looks of where Nintendo’s going, it’ll be less and less geared for a real hardcore game and more and more specialized for the light casual gamer market.
I suspect a small globe that shoots out pretty colors.
The Happy-Love-Fun machine 3000 is my guess.

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Wii 2.

2 in Japanese translates to “Ni”.

In other words, the full name would be the “Wii-Ni”.

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