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Merry, Merry is coming up in 3 months; what 5 things would you love to have?

Asked by Jude (32198points) September 25th, 2010

Okay, for fun, they can be under 500 each (because I said so :)).

1. She’s pretty

2. Grab a kazoo. Now, lets’s have a duel, when I count to three

3. Love-ley

4. A knee slapper

5. What about Dorthy?

RARE – SIGNED by TWO Oz Cast Members – Margaret Hamilton & Ray Bolger

VERY RARE – Spectacular DUAL signed OZ photo by Margaret Hamilton as the “Witch” and Ray Bolger as the “Scarecrow”. Acquired directly from the recepient who obtained in person and also became friends with Ms Hamilton in the late 70’s early 80’s. Comes with handwritten provenance stating that he personally had Ms Hamilton and Mr Bolger sign this piece. Rarely do AUTHENTIC Oz dual signed items like this appear on the market, although eBay has the everyday forgeries.

Mr. Bolger signed the photo “To Mike from His Friend The Scarecrow Ray Bolger”. Ms. Hamilton added “as again (?) says in his book – follow your yellow brick road! good luck and watch out for loose bricks! Margaret Hamilton + WWW”.

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I don’t do Christmas but New Years, I want:
1. A new computer
2. Money for private tango lessons
3. A new tattoo
4. A bike
5. For Alex to get a job.

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Just new carpet. :)

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1. A genuine, unprompted compliment from my husband about how I look
2. Books! I need some new stuff to read
3. A new stove
4. A vacation
5. Cool fun socks

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Oh you’ve done it now, mama_cakes.

My mom who spoils the hell out of me forces me at gunpoint each year to make a Christmas list, so I’ll take the first five items off of it for you….

1. Teddy Roosevelt shirt

2. Nixon Dive watch

3. Mauser C96 diagram shirt

4. Untouched Nepalese Martini-Henry

5. Teddy Roosevelt poster

I should also mention that I want everything on your list, jjmah, especially that typewriter, camera, and gun pillow.

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All lovely gifts. :)

Honestly, the first one is what I really want. A girl can dream.

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I wuv Xmas me! Yeah i’ve picked more than five & yes the wife would have my guts for garters, but I don’t care see :¬)

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1. The new Kindle DX
2. 20 free book downloads
3. New iPod altec lansing inmotion docking station
4. 100 free iTunes downloads
5. big leather ottoman for my big sectional sofa

I love Christmas!!! I also love buying gifts for everyone… I can’t wait!

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they have to be under $500 each? So….
a snakeskin purse
a king sized duvet and dust ruffle
a used aluminum bike
I can’t think of anything else at that price! Even the purse might be more than that.

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Honestly, all I want is a professional camera. I could buy one myself, but, I’d rather save my own money. Maybe I’ll think of more stuff later :/

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2.pogo stick
3.a watch cart (they’re fun to go down hills in)

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Dear Santa,
I would would like a whole buncha sh!t,but will just keep it to this short,short,list XD
1.Black cashmere dress from
2.A painting by Joe Bulone
3.An M1 Garand
4.Any artwork made by loved ones
5.Moosetracks ice cream

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Heavy silk floor length robe.

Some gems of mine set into earrings.

Gold bracelet.

Long sleeved black wrap dress.

Vintage fur coat to replace one stolen from me this year.

It’s hard for me to think of things I want specifically for me rather than the ones I want that have to do with other people too. A sofa, end table, curtains, new bedding, two more dining table chairs, all that stuff is on my mind but more for other people. I want to try and let myself want and feel deserving of a few things just for me.

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All I want for Christmas/Chanukah/Yule is to win a big lottery.

Allie's avatar

1. Round trip ticket to the east cast.
2. More round trip tickets to the east coast.
3. Round trip ticket to the east coast.
4. To be with someone…. <3
5. Round trip ticket to the east coast.

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1. A chinese cook book
2. A webcam/mic
3. A springform pan
4. New shoes
5. really cannae think of #5, so maybe some shower products. I love how my view of these has changed dramatically over the last 2 years since uni started. When I was younger (like 14) I used to hate getting them thinking they are a wasted present, but now I prefer them as I usually spend my money when I buy them on cheapo stuff.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir what tattoo would you get? Or, do you know what you want, yet?

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@Allie I’m guessing that someone is on the east coast. :)

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@perspicacious Nah, they’re in Hawaii. (kidding)

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A Wii
Rock Band and all the instruments
Handheld GPS (geocaching FTW!)
Amazon gift certificate (so I can buy a ton of used books I want to read)

That’s about it.

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1. A new kitten after the tragic loss of my Gizzi to the Coyotes a few weeks ago.
2. Increase in interest rates
3. Increase in interest rates.
4. Increase in interest rates…


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@mrentropy, shitttttt, both of those properties are awesome!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yuh! I figure I might be able to talk them down if I nitpick on the peeling paint and stuff.

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@mrentropy, or the horrible cross decor motif in that first house!

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Oh, oh! How could I forget my #5? I want a kayak so bad I can taste it.

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You should come to my zone, I am surrounded by Kayaks. Big river scene nearby.
Everyone has a Kayak on their car. lol

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@boots Fine, a better camera than my 8 megapixel POS

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1. friends to help with this terrible loneliness I’ve been feeling
2. some awesome graphic novels to read
3. a nice paying job to pay for college
4. my own apartment
5. a new tv

in that order

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1. A vacation to Hawaii
2. Rockin’ boots
3. Map dress
4. An apartment in SF
5. This is me being greedy I already have a laptop and a netbook so why do I even need this? I don’t. I just want a Mac and decided it would be smart to make it a desktop.

I went over the 500$ mark with some, too.

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I already bought us our Christmas present, a dream diamond Hublot watch (a previously owned and relatively modest classic, not the One Million $ Big Bang….I am rich in many ways, but only, {yet thankfully, considering many years of not being employed}, financially secure). It’s “ours” in that Sherry wears it out while I get to marvel at it when it’s in… looks sensational on her! I don’t like to look too far into the future, thus the early Christmas present, and the following list for which I wish timely results:

1. Full recovery of hospitalized family/friends (Sherry’s brother Randell, severe auto accident and Mary, in emergency surgery as I type for a brain aneurysm)
2. Additional peace of mind for Sherry’s long term future happiness.
3. Strength, agility and ability to complete stone carving projects (“nameplate” carvings in alabaster for each of six grandkids for Christmas gifts {#7 already completed in soapstone} and the successful transformation of two small blocks of Italian Carrara marble into figurines of Spenser and Bailey {pet Italian Greyhound and Dachshund; I’ve carved several types of stone (catlinite, steatite, soapstone, alabaster) but never before marble and I have no idea what I’m getting into}).
4. Strength and sufficient health to attend concerts by Arcade Fire and Broken Bells with start times a mere 48 hours apart (and hoping the wheelchair lift in my van, suffering from recent disrepair, has what it takes to operate several more times).

It might be nice to see 2011, but I don’t want to push my luck so will leave my list at four. On second thought, I would like to enjoy another live internet broadcast of the RandomAssRadio show (along with visiting friends in the chat room), so here’s hoping the jonsblondejon residence move was smooth and Jon gets his ass back on the air where it belongs (with Andy, in tow, of course). That is all (well, there is peace on earth, an end to starvation, ............).

See ya..,....Gary/wtf

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1. a jackpot winning lottery ticket
2. a new president
3. peace on earth
4. goodwill toward men
5. to find out I’m pregnant (only if I get #1 to go with it)

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1. Vintage fur coat to replace the one stolen from me earlier this year- CHECK!
2. Tall leather boots to replace ones ruined earlier this year- CHECK!
3. A newer used car to replace one that died earlier this year- CHECK!
4. A Black long sleeved wrap dress
5. An engagement ring

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Well mine will cost about a million each but let’s ignore the minor difference;
Lamborghini Aventador
Audi R8
That would be nice too
Rolls Royce Phantom
My house
another aspect

A lot of other stuff too I can’t remember, start saving up

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