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Would you rather live in a house or an apartment?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) September 25th, 2010


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House. More space for me to put my stuff.

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If I were to move out of my parents house (which is quite cozy, safe, and comes with the generous rent charge of zero dollars and zero cents) there would not be much point into living in a big house right away. A bedroom, living room (with a desk area to work at), washroom, and kitchen would be all that I would require at this stage in my life. Unless I were moving out with other people… the extra space would be unnecessary.

That said… I’ve lived in a house my entire life. I have never lived in an apartment before. It would be an interesting change of scenery. I might love and I might hate it. I won’t know until I have tried it.

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An apartment size treehouse would be nice.

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@weeveeship Too much stuff?

A house. I like the privacy.

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I have always lived in a house so that’s what I’ve grown to like.

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A house, no contest. I want my own space, my own land, I don’t want to share with strangers and most of all, I want a yard…

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An apartment with a great landlord and super – I don’t want to be responsible for fix up and all that, though my partner is a genius at that.

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A house. I love having a backyard and a garden and a patio and all that stuff that apartments just don’t have. Which is why I now only live in old houses that have been converted into a few apartments – I get a lot of the perks of houses without the price or the maintenance.

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A house because of no shared walls with neighbors. A yard is only a concern because of my pets. I’d much rather have a small secluded house with nature all around for me to go out of the house and explore. Where I live now then going outside feels like punishment.

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House, or as Canadians would say “a hoose”

Preferably, a Victorian house.

It would have the space for all of my plants, an office, lots of character, and a front porch to sit on.

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A house. I’m very loud sometimes, singing and dancing around.

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A house! I lived in an apartment for a year and liked it a lot but it was just with my daughter. Other than that I’ve always lived in houses. Apartments in the south always have roaches. I don’t care what the rent is, they still have them and I cannot live with know.

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I grew up in a house, transferred to college dormitories (which make an apartment look really good), and then lived in various types of urban apartments for years as a young adult. Eventually I moved into the house I’m in now with my husband. I never liked living in an apartment; I was always bothered by the sounds of neighbors above, below, and beside me, and I longed for windows on all four sides. But when it becomes too hard to take care of a house and yard, an apartment may be the answer.

Never far from the ground, though, I can tell you that. No 23rd-floor city view for me, ever.

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A house.

One like this specifically.

I like having a lot of space and privacy, and I’ve always wanted to be a homeowner with a house that reflects my style and interests.

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Oh, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard , I am so moving in with you! (I’ll pay good rent, I promise, and I cook OK, too!)

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@JilltheTooth, sure! Bring Katawa too. I’ll have plenty of room!

In all seriousness, I found that house plan when I was a freshman in highschool, and I’ve had it saved ever since. I’m planning on doing everything I can to be able to build it one day.

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I wanna live in @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s house, too. Or, one like it if his is getting too full. :)
I live in a historic part of town, in a century home myself, and some of the architecture in my neighborhood is absolutely stunning. Makes me a little jealous.

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I’m thinking that Neffie, Fiddle and I are like three peas in a pod.

I have seen photos of Neffie’s digs and we have similar taste. :)

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My house is 90 years old with all the attendant issues, but it’s actually a small tract house of the times. Cozy in some ways, the worst of all possible worlds in others… :-(((

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I think we should adopt @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s house as a Home for Wayward Flutherfolk.

We’re all a little wayward.

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@Jeruba, I can live with that.

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@mama_cakes, lol, my house is so quirky. I can’t imagine anyone liking this but me.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I like quirky. :)

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I love my house. I have lived in both over the years, and the house is by far the best deal. The closest thing to it was a nice duplex in Santa Barbara, which had most of the amenities of a house, with most of the headaches.

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House on about 5 acres. apartments are too noisy and the walls are paper thin. give me space and sunshine and grass to mow.

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I love @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s house.

I want a house with a library, for sure. And a decent-sized yard (½ – 2 acres). But NOT a generic cookie-cutter bland house. If it looks like the neighbor’s house, I’m not interested.

Until then, our current house is great. It’s from the 1920s with lots of character, a front porch, deck and patio in the fenced-in backyard, gumwood trim, leaded glass…

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@Cupcake leaded glass makes me weak in the knees.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Once I saw the sliding pocket door that is almost completely leaded glass I knew I wanted the house!

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@Cupcake, sounds nice :)

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A house. But an apartment where someone else mows the grass and has a pool is cool too.

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I like my big townhome. People are close by but I never hear them and rarely see them. This works well for me. Also, I need to be able to sleep upstairs. Sleeping on ground level is creepy to me—been sleeping upstairs since 1971. I don’t want to have to care for a yard either. I think I’m in the right type of home right now.

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More so, my house in the country!

I have farm animals for pets, no apartment complexes are going to want swimming pools and geese on their balconies. hahaha

But, maybe when I am ancient and can’t do my thing anymore, I might change my mind. lol

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A house. The only thing about the apartment I live in that’s great is that I don’t have to do the outside maintenance; no repairs of the plumbing or electricity and I don’t have to shovel in the winter. We have porters and gardeners and so on here for all that.

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House, You can decorate it( paint it, tear down a wall, ) and stuff without landlord permission plus that space.

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I live in a house alone and I’m starting to think I’d prefer an apartment, there’s quite a bit of upkeep to maintaining a house, lawn, and garden.

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True. I am at burnout right now with the watering chores and another last blast of heat this week. I love my place but it is a LOT of work to keep up on everything.

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Always a house. I hate the idea of landlords/body corporates in apartments and complexes – i don’t know much about apartments, but complexes have bc’s and so decisions can be made and money spent (by you) that you would not otherwise have necessarily spent.
A house is always yours, all of it, and everything you do to it is within your sole discretion. Plus, apartments and complexes have neighbours far too close for my liking, i like the space that a house with a yard has to offer.

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@NaturallyMe Many people live in houses that are owned by someone else. Just being in a house instead of an apartment doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with all of that.

As owners of our house, we still have to deal with it, because many houses in our neighborhood have non-resident owners and they don’t always make sure the tenants follow the zoning ordinances.

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Houses are more trouble than they’re worth. Too much upkeep. Too many chances for home invasions, since it’s out there like a sore thumb, just inviting someone to rob your place.

At least apartments are a little harder for thieves to navigate, since most of them are behind gated entries or require keys or someone buzzing you in.

I’d prefer to live in at least a two or three bed apartment, although storage space may be a problem. Laundry and parking may pose problems as well, but I’d still prefer an apartment.

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