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What is the strangest news story you heard lately?

Asked by ucme (46712points) September 25th, 2010

Here’s my offering. Anything wacky or unusual you’ve heard is all i’m after.The stranger the better really.

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I don’t have a link but some guy is pleading insanity from red bull.
He attempted to kill his wife and is now saying he was momentarily insane from drinking to many red bulls.
To me that just sounds like he was saying I don’t want to go to jail or a mental institution. So i will just blame red bull.

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The saga of Hogzilla

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“The Duke of Edinburgh has raised eyebrows by asking the leader of the Scottish Conservatives if she was wearing tartan knickers at a reception for the Pope.”
(The strange part, if you’ve ever even heard of Prince Phillip, is that this hasn’t happened before.)

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It was on the Icelandic news that a man was attacked by bees and the doctors had to pick out about 1000+ (things from the bees-dont know what they are called)
and the man was old, I think over 70 or something. He survived.

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oh papayality – thank you.

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Sarah Palin might be our presidant in 2012

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@MissAnthrope It’s both a commentary on the craziness of today’s world and Spain’s economic situation.

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I think @Pied_Pfeffer is the winner! Wow…holding breasts and thinking what kinda sucking action a calf might create, ow.

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Just saw this and felt it was worth reviving this question for:

Cooked Squid Inseminates Woman’s Mouth

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