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Have you ever wondered: why won't or can't God heal amputees?

Asked by Aster (19954points) September 25th, 2010

What reasons would you give as to why hasn’t one arm or limb of any kind ever grown back on an amputee regardless of all the prayers of the family? But we always hear of many other kinds of ailments being healed though prayer, right?

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Great question. Why did he kill all those Haitians too?

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I have never wondered this, no. The only answer I can offer to this question is that god does not exist.

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Sounds to me like this particular problem has him well & truly stumped.

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I have always wondered how those who believe in a god or gods reconcile the negative aspects of the world with their faith. There are a variety different approaches I have heard from people I have met, but I don’t know what the norm is, or whether one exists.

Personally, I do not believe in god. I did, for a period when I was young, wonder why god allowed bad things to happen. It was one of the points that made it easy, and not conflicting, to reconcile being a non-religious individual.

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Apparently God only likes starfish.

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he created intelligent doctors/biologists who will one day be able to clone parts for humans…so he did… the other stuff is faith-healing rumor (that some people believe in) and the Dungeons and Dragons cleric ability

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@cockswain…..what a beautiful morning, oh what a beau…...ahem, err do excuse me.

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Because there is no god, and all the other miraculous healings are coincidence or natural healing. “God” never caused any kind of miracle that couldn’t possibly happen by chance without any divine intervention.

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why hasn’t one arm or limb of any kind ever grown back on an amputee regardless of all the prayers of the family?

Just take this line of thinking to it’s logical conclusion Aster and you’ll begin to understand where us atheists are coming from.

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It just occurred to me that amputees must be sinners. Never thought of it that way. Lost a limb as punishment and the hell if it’s coming back. Same for all those children born deformed. Punished! For evil thoughts in the womb!

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Just to take a different tack, “God” gave us free will and the intelligence to create prosthetic limbs, maybe as a trade off for not being starfish…

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@JilltheTooth There are plenty of amputees in third-world countries (many of them child victims of landmines) who have no access to prosthetic limbs. Why, then, does god make them amputees when they in all practicality don’t have the free will to correct the problem?

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Hey, I didn’t say the problem was all the way solved! There are plenty here that can’t afford them.

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@downtide Have you ever stopped to consider that it might be because their parents haven’t found Jesus yet?

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C’mon; someone must have an answer? Maybe later on…..

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@FutureMemory So… just because a childs parents don’t believe in god, then god thinks it’s a fair trade to lop off their innocent kid’s leg? That’s just grossly unfair.

It’s this sort of logic that makes me pretty damn sure that this is not the sort of god I would want to worship even if I thought he did exist.

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@downtide You clearly have no faith in things that don’t make any sense. Shame on you.

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I don’t know what the rest of your are talking about. Last time I lost an arm, I grew a new one, and the arm grew a new me…

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And I tell ya, it’s a real bear trying to tell which is which!

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Actually, in some countries, if you are caught stealing they will publicly cut off a finger. If you do it again, they’ll cut off your hand. Again? They’ll cut off your arm. And yet again? Your head.

Also, some believe that if you suffer a lot of pain and endure a lot of bad things and ailments, you will be rewarded in your next life. And if nothing bad ever happens to you and you have everything, you will suffer and have nothing in your next life.

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It’s amazing the shit people make up in order to “make sense” of what they can’t explain or understand.

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My mother was a amputee. It only made her a stronger person. She overcame her disability. Maybe that was “God’s” plan” .

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