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Where can I find men's shirts in prints?

Asked by Jeruba (48706points) September 25th, 2010

And now for something completely different.

I’m looking for a long-sleeved cotton shirt in a nice print—not solid, not plaid or striped, and not in one of those tiny patterns that make the whole shirt look like they’re vibrating and hurt the eyes. Something leafy, something paisley, something geometric perhaps, though not gaudy and garish.

If I were a man, I would be so sick of plaids by the age of twenty that I would probably avoid straight lines for the rest of my life. A nice plaid is great, and I love a fine tartan, but please, let us have some variety when we opt for a little color.

Can you recommend an online source that has designs and styles with some color and imagination and that wouldn’t look completely ridiculous on an older man?

I used to solve this problem with my sewing machine, but now I have to rely on the creativity of others.

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Goodwill on-line. check it out.

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I know what you mean about plaids. I mean, I like plaids but right now they’re everywhere and it’s hard to get anything else.

When I think of prints on a man’s shirt I can’t help but think of hawaiian shirts which I do think look mostly ridiculous if you’re not actually at the beach.

This is nice (well it would be if it was ironed)

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It might be worth checking the Tommy Bahama web site. A few of them are a subtle print. While not cheap, they are top quality, and from what I recall, they do a good job of matching up the print pattern at seams and where they button.

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Get HawaiiJake to send you a supply, his shirts are beautiful!!!

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lol. I’d be glad to help, if you don’t think that aloha shirts would be too loud.

Seriously though, Reyn Spooner is probably your best bet, and they’re really not too garish.

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@hawaii_jake -they are beautiful, I want some, do you know of a similar type for women???

Sorry Jeruba, don’t mean to hijack, I am whispering!

LL Bean used to have a print similar to the Kapa Tapa but I can’t find it on their site, maybe it is only for summer.

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@rooeytoo : My favorite shirts are by Jams World and they have a great women’s collection.

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Thanks, all. I picked a nice one from @Pied_Pfeffer‘s Tommy Bahama link. I don’t think it looks too tropical. I hope he likes it.

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