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Do you ever do, think, or say things at night and regret it when you wake up?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) September 25th, 2010

No, not when you’re drunk.

I can’t sleep on a regular basis, and I don’t know if it is the sleep deprivation that does this for me or what. I have always felt like I “do my best thinking” at night. However, sometimes I think too much and when I wake up I ask myself “What was I thinking?!”
I don’t do CRAZY things, it’s just usually writing a letter and regretting it when I wake up.
Or I try to write in my journal when I am feeling like this and I’ll read it the next day and I feel like a different person.
Night time is also when I have my best “pipe dreams”. But I’m not high… I come up with all these ideas that seem perfect, but I can only see the flaws when I wake up.

Am I alone in this.

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I, like most men, do most of our serious thinking on the throne. this can occur at anytime of the day or night. to give you a serious answer, yes, i have written papers at night and wondered “what was i thinking”, the next morning. i believe this occurs because the human brain is slipping into a low gear at night and waiting for some shuteye thats soon to come. you are not alone. it happens.

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Yes. I’ve suffered insomnia for the past 3–4 years and I can swear that it does mess with temperment, perception and reason. For me anyhow, daytime brings structure and so I don’t have time to mull over what I do at night when at home. I end up revising myself and making apologies to people who had to hear me out. It sucks.

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Dream time is valuable. I try not to be a hippy-dippy about this, but when you can’t sleep, your whole life goes to shit.
I have my own set of beliefs about this, but I wouldn’t expect you to think the same.
When I have bouts of insomnia, I get frantic and hopeless. When I sleep, I solve things. I am not a member of any religious group. I have my own theories about why this is.

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I’ve learned that anything that gets my mind spinning in the middle of the night is always overblown. Thankfully, I don’t talk to anyone during that time.

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The times I lose sleep at night are generally when I have some deep thinking to do, whether or not it’s a “crisis”. But I seldom say things that I regret, even when a little bit drunk. I think I’m usually more cautious than I need to be, but that works for me.

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No you’re not alone. I first noticed doing this in high school. In my case I had ideas at night that seemed brilliant, then in the morning they were super lame. It was problematic when I did creative projects for school late at night and thought they were hilarious, then they weren’t. I now know not to finalize things until I rethink them in the morning.

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@Blueroses – I don’t think that’s so crazy. I agree with everythingyou said.

Ahhh I feel better now. Lurve to all of you, I thought maybe I was just crazy. :-/

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