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What is the second breed in this Corgi mix?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) September 25th, 2010

This is my puppy’s mom, and I can’t figure out what breeds she is. She’s definitely part Corgi, and…. ? Not that it matters, but I’m curious.


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I’m not a dog breed guru or anything, but the face and tail look beagle-like to me. Very, very cute dog! :)

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Too hard to tell, but what does it matter, if her size and temperament are good and what you want, I would say adopt her. She looks cute as can be. If you really want to know, they can do DNA tests and tell you for sure.

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Kinda looks like a corgi fox terrier mix.

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Corgi/ Terrier of some sort?
I had a dog named Bee bee too:)

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Something taller. She has much longer legs than a purebred corgi. The upright curved, well-fluffed tail makes me think husky or spitz type.

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I agree some sort of small terrier. Rat terrier possibly.

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By the way, what an adorable dog!

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@downtide – aha! Spitz! That’s why I recognized something about her face. I knew it looked familiar, I just couldn’t place it. She looks a little American Eskimo to me, but I’d bet she’d have more white if that was the case… maybe a German Spitz? Or a schipperke? Very interesting, thanks.

She is very cute… if I didn’t already fall in love with her pup and have another dog (a Pomeranian) on the way, I’d be tempted to bring her home too. I met her and she was very sweet. Hopefully somebody gives her a good home soon.

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@eadinad I hope she can find a home soon. She’s a lovely looking dog.

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