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How to get rid of feet cramps?

Asked by zwingli (601points) September 25th, 2010

My wife gets feet cramps all the time at night. I’d really like to help find a solution that works. Does anyone have remedies that work for them?

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Does she drink plenty of non-caffeinated beverages and get enough magnesium, calcium, and potassium?

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Yes. My wife is quite conscious of fruits and vegetables she needs to be eating. She is a water camel when it comes to consuming water.

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Does she wear heels during the day? Have her try standing toe raises in sets of 25 and then in a seated position with legs straight out in front of her, flex and point her toes in sets of 25. A follow up soak and rub with lotion will help too.

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I stretch her out ever night and she does some specific stretches for her feet on her own. She does not wear heels.

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A banana a day keeps the foot cramps away.

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@GeorgeGee They do not. My wife eats them fairly regularly and still get them.

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Try diet tonic water ( with Quinine). The quinine will help stop the cramps, just don’t drink too much. The active ingredient in several OTC remedies for cramps is quinine.

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The nightly cramps on legs is a sign of the lack of magnesium of the body. As @MissAnthrope said it too. No remedy, only magnesium or multivitamin pills can help.

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