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How do I tip the police off anonymously ?

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone

about the guy who raped my gf and made her pregnant.

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In the state of California you simply withhold your information. I don’t know if that is federal. I usually give the police my contact information for credibility and then request that it be filed anonymously. Why do you need it to be anonymous?

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in response to Riser;

I dont need it to be anonymous, and I’m in Calgary AB

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If you don’t need it to be anonymous then request to the police that you not be connected to the case file but give them your information for credibility reasons.

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Simone: With all due respect what would BioTechWarrior gain from such a lie? I can understand his original question being misleading but asking us how to contact the police anonymously benefits him nothing unless he was building credible evidence in his favor but even a thirteen year old is aware that a simple DNA test can take away any alibi or credible evidence available.

Please don’t abuse his question with an accusation, your answer has been flagged.

Highest Regards,


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to simone54;

u r wrong
we’re only 13 I would never do that to her
If I had I wouldnt be avoiding the responsibility

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@Simone: that answer seems gratuitously cruel and based on no information whatsoever.

Why do you need to do this (and it is not the first time)? I have flagged your answer; I hope others will join me.

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I said what I had to say.

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had and wanted are two different things. How was it constructive? I am not attacking you. If you have a credible reason for your criticism I would like to hear it.

I am sorry BioTech that you’re going through this no matter if it is rape. At your age, you shouldn’t be subject to this kind of trauma. You are already being more of a man than your peers. Best of luck to you both.

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Are you afraid of any revenge the rapist my take on you?

If so, I would convey any concerns you might have to the police. In any case, you need to tell the police asap. The longer you wait the worse.

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It is possible she is just saying she was raped to protect you? You both are only 13. Babies having babies! I would find out for sure ASAP. If you say you aren’t the father then you have nothing to worry about. Talk to your parents ask them.Making wrongful accusations can get you both into a bigger mess.

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I suspect it would be better if you got your girl friend to 1st talk to her parents and then to go to the authorities. You said you were in Calgary – not sure I know the laws there but would think they are similar to here. What ever the path ahead is she is going to need some good friends and her parents to support her. It sounds like you want to help her – if so just be there for her – be a good listener. As guys we always try to fix stuff like this when we can’t and what the person really needs is just someone to believe in them and listen.

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write a note signed anonymously.

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@ babygalll
she took a test, two actually
how can you say I have nothing to worry about when the person who means the most in the world to me is pregnant with a rapists kid and what would she need to protect me from.

@ Besafe

she has already told her mum about it and she’s told who did it
honestly I dont want to go to the police cuz then she would prolly be interrogated and I dont need anyone else to find out about it

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well if her mom knows i think she should go to the police not you.

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You should have said all this before! If she already told her mom about the rape and being pregnant. Then her mom should go to the police. She is only 13 which means her mom makes all the calls for her! All you can do is be her friend and be there for her.

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@BEsafe; your friend is a minor and a victim; she is entitled to counselling, social services,and her parents present at every procedure. Police do not interrogate victims; the rapist needs to be arrested and brought to trial and then convicted.

There are many procedures in place to protect such a young victim. She is going to have a very long and painful recovery, but knowing that the monster who did this is behind bars will help with the healing process.

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he is 13 too

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@Bio:I know; but our primary concern now is the young girl. I would think that @besafe would welcome some therapy also. At least her parents are now involved. What a horror.

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and they’re not pressing charges anyways

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Rapists who are not convicted rape again.

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and 13 is old enough to be sexually aware. This is not an acting out by an underaged child trying to reveal that something happened to them, this is pre meditated and conscience.

Five years, until he is an adult, is not that far away.

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If they aren’t pressing charges that means the mom/friend are protecting someone! You need to talk to your friend and get some answers. I agree with gailcalled. Rapist will do it again! Obviously she knows the rapist and trying to protect him. No mother would stay quiet if her 13 year was raped! There has to be more to the story. Get answers!

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i agree with babygalll, there has got to be more to the story.
on a different note what is up with thirteen year olds having sex
and raping each other good god.

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Make someone deliver the info or leave a note on a police cruiser

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Do wat riser said sorry about ur girlfriend my advice is either not to have the kid or wen she has the kid leave it at an orphanage GOOD LUCK

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Did we establish that the rapist is 13? I think not.

@Dinomite has been banned and is back in a new incarnation, having learned nothing apparently.

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Biotech said above “He is 13 too.” At least I am assuming Biotech is talking about the rapist.

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@gailcalled he said the rapist was thirteen.

edit; ha riser said that right before me.

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I am speechless, now. Can someone be pulling our leg?

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I posted this on your previous question, but you can call his national hotline 1–800–843–5678 to “report sexual exploitation anonymously”

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thank you
thats all I needed

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If the girl’s Mother knows about this and failed to report it to the police, you can either report it yourself as you mentioned or call the child protective services in your area. It’s difficult to believe a Mother would not want to press charges against the rapist no matter what his age or relationship to the family. If the police are informed and there is enough evidence the state can press charges without the Mother’s consent or involvement.

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Exactly as scamp said

Have you ever heard of anyone pressing charges for murder or arson? It isn’t necessary.

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