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Ladies: What are the characteristics of a "good boyfriend"?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16065points) September 25th, 2010

This question is prompted by a recent question. What characteristics or behaviors are appreciated in guys that you date?

The thought struck me that a list in search engine immortality might be helpful to others who aren’t sure what this means.

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A good boyfriend is someone who is considerate,romantic,attentive,humorous,adventurous,creative,and kind… has a human head and gives me this

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I’d like him to have…
a sense of genuine conversation/humor.
a good relationship with his parents/others.
good communication skills/honesty.
good conflict resolution skills.
basic self-control.
and I would like to be attracted to him physically.

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I’ll let you know if I ever go out on a date again.

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@lucillelucillelucille, examples, please. Those terms are too broad and as a result are open to male misinterpretation.

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I can’t remember. I haven’t been on a date for 3 years, 4 months. But who is counting?

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Hmmmm,lets seeeee…...
It is nice if they consider your interests want to find out more about them, are open to them and to trying new things together.
I am a romantic and have always liked romantic men…creativity comes into play there.If he pays attention and knows what you like,then any small gesture would make my heart skip a beat.
Funny guys are great! They are not afraid to goof off and I like that in a person.If someone takes themself too seriously it will bore the hell out of me.
I like people that know how to live!
Kindness.He has to treat animals and children with kindness or he is fired.
Last but not least,honesty.

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I want a boyfriend I can trust completely.

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Considerate- not just to me but to others too. Doesn’t abuse waitstaff, that kind of thing.
Compassionate- to me this includes kindness and patience.
Attentive- includes affectionate and protective.
Romantic- will do things for me even if they’re not “his thing”.
Honest- will be open emotionally to me and not sugar coat everything. This does not mean he can call me names when he’s feeling angry.

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@Neizvestnaya could not have said it better. I agree because it’s exactly what I was going to say.

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Sounds like there all over the place!

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big penis.

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@iamthemob BZZZZZZZZ Wrong! Thank you for playing anyway!

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someone disagrees.

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