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What is your favorite color and why?

Asked by weeveeship (4622points) September 25th, 2010

Red? Blue? Tie-Dye?

Colors! We all love colors!

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I don’t know why. I guess it’s just a nice, rich, sensual color.

I also like deep reds and earth tones.

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Blue! My favourite shade is the colour of the sky right at sundown, but before it gets dark.

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Red lipstick,a lovely red dress,a red ‘59 Impala,and a ruby ring.What is not to love about red?

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I gravitate toward blue, but I cannot think of a colour that I don’t like. Even if I don’t prefer a particular colour as a paint job on a car or as the canvas of my Converse, or as the ink I write with there is sure to be a context that exists in which I will find the colour beautiful in its own right.

And rainbows make me happy :)

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I love all shades of green. Orange is great too and is probably my #2, but I think I can safely say that green is my favorite color. It’s the color of nature and that’s definitely a big part of why I like it.

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Green. Because all the other colors aren’t my favorite.

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Black, because it’s darkest! If you pull that But black isn’t a color, it’s a shade bullshit then it’s red, because red can also be dark in the right mind set. ;)

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Orange (it looks good on me) and seafoam green (I’m not shittin’ ya).

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Blue. I don’t know why but certain shades are just so relaxing and comforting.

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Oh god, I forgot how much I love seafoam green!

Oh, and vintage creme on my guitar!

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probably a sage green or some sort of light color of green possibly NATO green. I like to be in places that have that shade of color all around. it has a nicer smell.

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Red, because it’s passionate in all regards.

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A soft aquamarine. It reminds me of the ocean and it’s relaxing.

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@Fiddle, look at how awesome this color is?

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@mama_cakes, this is going to be my next guitar.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I like the Telecaster third row down. :)

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@mama_cakes, god, I’d love to have a seafoam green Telecaster. That would be pure sex.

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Either pink or black. Couldn’t tell ya why though. :/

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Because it is bright and happy. It is one of those colors that just makes you smile. It can be bright and vivid, kind-of energetic and exciting. Or it can be softer and more pastel, which makes you feel comfy and at-home. I love the color yellow more than anything else, and it’s a shame that more people don’t like it.

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Green. I love earthy colors.Reminds me of nature. My couch is green . I have alot of green decor. My eyes are green most of the time . (hazel)

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Just about any shade of green, and antique-y barn red are my favorites. I couldn’t begin to tell you why, though. I just naturally gravitate towards them.

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I like all of them, and it’s hard to pick a favourite because it depends on my mood and what the colour is for. Something I would choose for a shirt is not necessarily what I would choose to decorate my bedroom, and so on. In general though, I like orange because it’s bright and cheerful. Not many other people like orange.

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@downtide Orange is my husband’s favorite color, but he never actually uses it for anything (clothes, paint, etc). He says it just makes him happy.

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@augustlan I have one orange t-shirt, that’s all. But yes, it makes me happy.

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My favourite colour is gamma rays.

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I’m a blueish kind of guy. I also like autumnal colors.

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A bright grass green – I love it! When I was a youngster, my Dad went to buy me a new case for my violin… he rang home from the shop to say they had three choices, black, grey or green… I chose green because it was different, and the colour case he brought home is the exact green I now consider to be my favourite shade… I still use the violin case!

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Black don’t ask me why

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Blue. Just do.

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Quite some years ago I fell in love hard with Persian Indigo. (click on the color to enlarge)

I had a mountain bike frame custom painted that; after months of contemplation and fuss; candy-clear over dark metallic. It turned out pretty not-that-bad.

I swear there is something of human aesthetic-catnip in it.

I’ve acquired a theory on beauty: when I look at certain pictures of Ingred Bergman’s face, I am stunned. They have what great artists try to create: multiple focus points, balanced perfectly, such that you fall into a kind of gestalt trance, into “harmonic dissonance” where no matter how hard you look around for it, there is no one thing that is great, but you are obsessed with looking for it. In this, certain things can become aesthetically transcendent. Ingred Bergman’s face is but one example. It is surely the stuff of love, unique to all.

Or, in two words: mesmerizing, meaningful.

Persian Indigo, and thereabouts, has an ambient (balanced) harmonic dissonance – somehow super dark, yet curiously bright. It’s got a complex powerful coup d’oeil, with multiple meanings at once – like a mouthful of well balanced wine – there’s just a lot going on. (Hey – you asked “why”)

Or, in two more words: magical, resonant.

I know early digital cameras had problems capturing/interpreting purple. I wonder if there is some clue on the technical side. Maybe it lies at the boundary of a non-linear color perception. I read somewhere that of all the human systems, color perception is the fastest developing/measurable. Apparently just a few centuries ago humans did not perceive neon. (I do not remember the source for this – it may be dubious.)

So yeah – to me, it’s all about Persian Indigo. As Chuck Palahniuk might say, “What [color] defines you as a person?” & “No matter what goes wrong, at least you’ve got that [favorite color] issue handled.”

Regarding guitars, I’m biased toward Charvel’s Sea Sick Green, and there is a lot of confusion between the colors, but head-to-head I’m almost always partial to Sonic Blue over the various greens. All are right in between white and blue/green, so maybe it’s the same principle as to the “why” – balanced in the middle of something meaningful.

Blah blah – this is all Sunday afternoon philo nonsense.

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Panton Color of the year is Turquoise Whether envisioned as a tranquil ocean surrounding a tropical island or a protective stone warding off evil spirits, Turquoise is a color that most people respond to positively.

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Green. Particular shades can affect my moods and also be flattering if I wear them. Because it’s a common nature color then I feel comfortable with it.

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Ultramarine. Hmmm…it is my screen name. It’s kinda funny since I discovered that color on a marker in art class and that was probably the only shade of blue I often used!

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ultraviolet 1.

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Colors! Everyone loves colors!

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Black…because it sybolizes strength and mystery.

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Yellow. I just like it.

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