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Why do cats shake their butts before pouncing?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) September 25th, 2010

I’ve noticed all cats do this, right before they pounce they shake their butts. Why do they do that?

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I am not sure but my guess is a combination of excitement and trying to get a sure footing before they pounce.

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Gathering up balance and energy for the spring.

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more traction

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How else are we supposed to know when to move the laser? Cats have been carefully guiding their evolution for this point in time!

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Awesome question-I want the answer. It has to be energy consolidation.

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For the fun of it.

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Cats are not actually shaking their butts when they do that. If you look close you can see that they are actually moving their feet up and down. Cats are gearing up for a fast sprint when they do that.

Little cutesters.

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@papayalily Clever little buggers aren’t they? Guiding their evolution? Absolutely! They have about the sweetest gig in the world. House cats? Just about as good as it gets, waited on hand and foot, free health care, free room and board, and among domesticated animals they’re about the only ones that aren’t slaughtered for food or have some members of their species who are required to work in some way like horses or dogs. So maybe they live on a farm and have to kill some mice? That’s work?

Humans and cats just need to work on the overpopulation issue so not so many of them end up getting euthanized,

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Makes sense, and I am glad because the girls are quite effective at moving their asses and getting them meeces, so there is less screams in the house.

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They are rehearsing the motion, what we call in sports “visualizing.” By rehearsing the motion, they increase the accuracy of the motion. This is taught by all good coaches not only in sports, but even in areas such as neurosurgery.

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