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What part of your body do you feel anxiety over, when touched, or looked at or both? And why?

Asked by Pandora (27849points) September 25th, 2010

Question explains itself pretty much.

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I don’t like my smile. I have one top front tooth that is set back a bit, and I never got braces, so I just don’t ever show my teeth when I smile.

I don’t like having my arms touched or stroked because I have this weird sensitivity in them that makes a light touch hurt which is weird, because a firm touch doesn’t.

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I don’t really have an anxiety producing spot. Of course, I don’t want to inadvertently show my naked rear or privates in public, but that is more out of concern for the sensibilities of others than from fear of actual damage it would cause me (other than incarceration for being a flasher :-)

I guess I would find it pretty weird if somebody wanted to look directly up my nose or in my ear. Their curiosity wouldn’t damage me, but I’d be concerned about what anyone behaving so strangely might have planned for their next move.

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I don’t like my buck teeth, and I don’t like that my hair is so thin and that my forehead is gigantic. I also don’t like when people grip my arms, it always freaks me out.

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I am not a fan of my thighs. I’m knock kneed so they will always touch, no matter what, but I’ve recently gained a bit of weight which not only makes them rub together even more painfully but also makes them look much bigger than they are because they have nowhere to go but out.

Luckily, my huge boobs balance my thighs out.

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oh yeah, I’m also kind of “skinny fat.”

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None, really.

I used to feel that way about my nose, thinking it was “too big”, but I just don’t feel that way anymore. Same goes for my teeth; there are extra-white spots on my front teeth due to dental fluorosis and I used to think it was really ugly, but I barely notice it anymore and no one else notices it, so I don’t care about that anymore either. People can touch and look all they want. :) Well, unless it’s down there; in that case it’ll have to be someone I’m intimately involved with. :P

I also used to think my butt was too flat. :\ And it was and still is to a certain extent. But I’m not as scrawny and non-muscular as I used to be. :D

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@DominicX: I’d be pretty self-conscious about the woman attached to your lips. Someone’s bound to notice that. ~

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My children have ordered me, under pain of death, to never ever wear that tight bicycle shirt I bought several years ago. My somewhat prosperous looking stomach is acutely embarrassing to them… and me as well! :(

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The whole package. It used to be just about everything but my ass, because I always had a pretty nice ass but now even that’s not what it used to be. :-)

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@Pandora, I’m skinny, but I still have a layer of flab, if that makes any sense. Kind of like this guy,. With a shirt on, I look thin, but shirtless, I look soft and out of shape.

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It’s not a body flaw thing, but if anyone touches my elbows I get FREAKED THE FUCK OUT and have to touch them myself, like I’m wiping away their touch. Totally normal, I tell ya. just thinking about it is making me anxious

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I think I have a flat butt . I wish I had a flat tummy. I am ticklish stay away from my armpits.


My hair. I like to keep it neat and Brylcreemed, so when someone or something inadvertently or purposely touches it, I get annoyed. It’s not because I spend a lot of time fixing it——on the contrary, I just dab it, shine it, and away I go. It’s because when I was growing up, my Dad used to admonish me about not combing my hair or he’d tell me I needed a haircut. Sigh.

I am also a bit self-conscious about my hair color——it’s not a dark, dark brown but a “bluish black” that I inherited from my Mom who’s Japanese. Sometimes people remark and ask me how I got that color, “Is it a blueberry-black hair color that you use?”, they ask, but I awkwardly tell them it’s my “Yokohama” shade. Lol.

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Pretty much the whole thing, because it looks unmistakeably female. I compensate by dressing smart.

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Tickle my feet,and I will use them to kick your butt! XD

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I don’t want anyone looking at my nose because it’s too darn for my face. I hate it, but since it’s dead center on one’s face, it’s kind of hard to avoid. I push my glasses down some to make it appear smaller, but I can’t go too far or it effects my ability to see. As for touching, please leave my stomach area alone. It’s floppy, flabby and hideous. I do everything I can to keep it covered at all times. Yes, even during sex.

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I don’t like anyone touching my lower back. I don’t even like my dog to put her cold nose on it. I don’t know why, but it’s just very sensitive.

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I hate being tapped on the shoulder when someone wishes to let themselves known to me.
I find this extremely patronising. Why can’t they just sey hello?

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Don’t touch the feet okay. That’a all i’m going to say. Or else i’ll kick like a mule with a firework up it’s arse :¬)

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I don’t like people touching under my chin where it’s soft and for some reason a few people find that irresistible. It makes me think I’m getting a double chin or “gobbler neck”. As for what people look at, I don’t like my bare feet. I keep them clean, soft and pedicured but my toes are deformed from years of running and dancing. This doesn’t keep me from wearing pretty sandals or shoes, I try to force myself to get over what can’t be changed but it’s so tough. My bf actually thinks I have pretty feet and sometimes I look at him sideways likes he’s blowing smoke up my butt, I mean he can’t possibly be for real and love me as I am, right? ;)

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