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Mac help...

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) March 29th, 2008

I bought the Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon games and I can’t play them on the Mac I have now. I was told the reason for this is because the computer doesn’t have a DVD drive. If I buy a MacBook Pro will I be able to play The Sims/RCT games? I’d like to know before I actually invest in one.

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Just get a Mac and all you’re problems will go away.

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I already HAVE a mac. did you even read the question?

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Yes, a Macbook Pro will be able to play DVD-ROMs. As the name implies, its a pro machine. So playing DVDs is the least of its capabilities. If you’re serious, I also recomend buying a refurbished one from Apple’s website.

I’m assuming the machine you have now is pretty old.

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pft.. the one i have now is pretty ancient. haha. its a G4. ive been receiving pop up messages from my computer that im running out of space too. my thoughts are its time to upgrade.

@spargett: thanks for the help. =]

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You will be beyond satisfied with the performance of any modern Mac but the Macbook Pro is a beautiful machine and worth every penny.

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@ riser: Fabulous! thank you!

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@TennesseeTeacake: The question goes in the thread title, not in the “question” field, not in the description field. And the ellipses are not at all necessary.

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Tennessee, I would urge you to take the leap and invest in the MacPro.

I was in the same situation as yourself last year: very old mac and needing to invest in a new one. I bought my Pro and feel that it has been a life altering technology for someone like me. I live abroad, so I use the ichat every week to stay in touch with family. I regularly use the Imovie maker for home movies. It is both my stereo and my TV now. Plus all of the everyday functions that we all use our computers for. And the most important thing, it was really easy to learn how to use!

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I completely agree with Spagett: you should definitely get a refurbished one. I just received mine, and I couldn’t be happier. Also, my wallet isn’t that mad at me. =)

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Apple’s manufacturing failure rate is about 8% off their main lines. The failure rate of an Apple refurb is less than 1%. Highly recommended.

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@ics What’s the price difference between a refurb and a new one? I’ve been contemplating getting a mac to play with, but I don’t want to spend a bundle, since it’ll be for playing and will mostly be off. I’m not even looking to ‘switch’ btw.

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Depending on which Mac you decide on, you could save anywhere from $300—$900. Check it out

I’d just go with a Macbook if you are just going to tinker with it. Better yet, just go with an iMac. I hear that the Macbook will be updated in September or October.

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How well will that imac run FCP?

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I guess the one thing to look out for is a good graphics card. I think you’ll be better off talking with an Apple salesman. Good luck with your purchase.

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Refurb is the way to go.
Same product. Lower cost. Same warranty.

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I suggest you go with a Macbook Pro, and a 15” one rather than a 17” one or a 13” one. The 15” one is the sweet spot. It has the Superdrive which is DVD-RW/DL so it will read-write DVDs just fine. Also recommend the refurb route as it is cheaper and they’re good machines. I also recommend you get Applecare for the 3-year warranty.

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