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Can you boil peanutbutter?

Asked by mivyj (35points) September 26th, 2010

I’m wondering if I can take a can of creamy peanutbutter and put it in a pot on the stove and boil it. Can it happen??

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You can gently soften it in a saucepan on a very low flame. I would not want boiling peanut butter spatter near me or my family..a good way to bet burned. Skip the attempt to boil.

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Yes. Confirmed.

Although I prefer a microwave. Smells just like popcorn if you burn it. It’s my top-secret ingredient to poke, mix some in with the soy after nuking it soft. It looks like bubbling mud from Yellowstone.

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No. I can’t. Let us know if you can.

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@ipso Wow! That’s the kind of answer you just can’t get from googling.

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@lillycoyote – I did not Google. Find anything good? (Other than the “secret” ingredient really came from the master.)

Note @UScitizen: obviously PB will not boil like water, but it does boil like mud. Surely this is a hoax question gimping people into messing up their kitchen – to be sure. I do not recommend doing it, I just happened to have done it prior (microwave) making poke.

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@ipso I know you didn’t google!!! That’s what I was saying. It was a compliment. That’s the kind of answer only a real person can give you. And I didn’t google either so I didn’t find anything. Your answer was sufficient to tell me everything I ever wanted to know about boiling peanut butter, something have been curious about ever since I first read this question. :-)

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When I make thai peanut sauce it doesn’t really boil, but rather pops up in the pan in clumps. When I add the other ingredients to thin it out a bit, it boils.

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Thats like asking can you blow bubbles with beef jerky, you can if your Chuck Norris.

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Okay…I have to ask. What are your plans with boiled peanut butter?

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Don’t boil penut butter.

I know that none of you will be able to deal with this….but you can remove 90% of the oil in peanut butter by doing the following:

Spead an 1/8” thick layer of peanut butter onto a stack of 4 paper towels and then put 4 paper towels on top and then roll it up and nuke for 1 minute. Reomve the oily paper towels and repeat the process 2 more time and you will have peanut powder.

Then you can make peanut powder and jelly sandwiches.

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@ipso Actually, your answer didn’t didn’t entirely satisfy my curiosity regarding boiling peanut butter. I have tried to no avail to find out what the boiling point of peanut butter would be. It’s a suspension, and that complicates things. So I have sent an email to the Naked Scientists requesting the information. I have asked them about natural peanut butter, creamy not chunky, with no additives or emulsifiers to keep things as simple as possible. I’m sure everyone is anticipating their reply as much as I am. :-)

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