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How to wear UGG boots?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6612points) September 26th, 2010

Yesterday I bought these black UGG boots for 50 Danish Kroners = 9.05896 US Dollars. I bought them cause they are cheap (I am also sure they are fake, but whatever!) and I just wanted to try them out since everyone has them, I bought the cheap ones instead of the expensive ones, cause if I hadn’t liked them, then I would have just wasted my money :/
Anyway they are black and am really digging them <3
they look like this
So people I need help on how to wear them, I know the common look is with skinny jeans tucked inside UGGS *then I would add a cute top and a short sleeved cardigan, but I need more ideas. Also they didn’t come with any papers showing me how to take care of them or anything like that. When to wear them, in what weather, what time? and links and pictures would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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they’re really slippery in ice. I wear mine as house sliippers, if you must wear them as a fashion item then wear them with leggings, skinny jeans, long layered sweaters or ripped tees. In spring is the best time to wear them. Dont’ ever wear them in snow you will fall down and break something.

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trailsillustrated, I’ve been wearing mine also inside since I bought them :P
All those you mentioned as fashion items were really cool and helpful.
I won’t wear them in the snow cause they don’t seem to be that good for snow and slipperiness :/
But am also thinking of buying more of them, brown one both short and long and also short black ones, so I could have 4 pairs.

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Please only wear them in cool weather with tucked in pants or leggings. Please do NOT wear them with shorts, or when the weather is warm. I’ve seen a lot of young women wearing them with “Daisy Dukes” this summer and it’s not pretty, it looks trashy. The boots are really cute when you wear them with a pair of narrow pants that go down inside and a basic pea coat. It’s a classic fall look. Also, DON’T wear them with sweat pants, I’ve seen a lot of guys doing that.

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strange when I try to put the “at” sign to tag the person am replying to it doesn’t work, it just switches the tabs. I press Ctrl+Alt+Q, but it isn’t working.

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We had Danish exchange students for 4 years, and they tended to wear a lot of clothes in layers. The UGGs with colored tights, short denim skirt, several layers of t-shirt type tops, finished off with a cardigan. Or straight-leg jeans tucked into the UGGs. Not bare-legged. Not with Daisy Dukes, unless you wear colored tights. Danish shoes and boots were pretty fun, as I remember.

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As for caring for them, go to a shoe shop and get some spray-on water protector for leather. There’s special stuff for suede.

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@BarnacleBill , Thank you. I will try layering, but the thing is that I have no cardigans :/

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I wear them when I’m having one of those days were I want to feel like I’m in “footy pajamas”. I wear them with leggings and a long, fitted, tunic style sweater….. like this

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@MrsDufresne , ahh thats soo cool. I like the sweater am actually looking for a long loose fitted sweater for the winter to wear with my UGGs and leggings or skinnies.

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