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Who is this kid I keep seeing in my dreams?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) September 26th, 2010

When I was 5 I had a dream of this kid who walked in my house and then showed me where he lived. Everyone including him were high on crack/cocaine, and the city he lived in was in ruins. I had that dream again a couple weeks ago. Then last night in a different dream i saw him. In this dream we were washing a car. Any body know what my dreams mean, or who this kid is or what he represents in the dreams?

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I don’t think there’s anything significant to interpret about the dream. It could just be a dream that you remembered well because it was so distinctive, so it was like a “re-run” of sorts.

Did you eat anything strange before bed? Sometimes spicy foods can cause weird or unsettling dreams.

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The original dream sounds like a cross between a “Save the Children” commercial that used to air, about sponsoring a third world child, and TV news segment on children of crack/drug addicts. At age 5, your reference of drug addiction and crack would have (hopefully) only come from the news. The combination of kids being so poor and in such dire circumstances could have traumatized you, and left an imprint. The dream resurfaced, followed by the car washing dream, which could be an attempt to normalize the memory. Washing a car is a pretty normal thing to do.

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Sounds like a prelude to a good song. You should write something =D.

I’ve had similiar dreams and experiences – almost Deja Vu-like experiences. I guess what I’m saying here is although I can’t explain it necessarily, you’re not alone.

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The meaning of the dream lies in your reality, in what makes you who you are. Have you ever known anyone who became addicted to drugs? Have you ever witnessed the devastation such an addiction can cause? If so, maybe it is a warning to you that it could happen to someone close to you. Does not mean that it will, but it could mean that the possibility is present somewhere in the various relationships in your life. The imagery of washing a car with this child could be an indication of the need to clean out any tendencies that might lean towards addiction.

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The kid is an aspect of you. The journey to the house of despair is about a fear you have that you may not do well. The car washing is showing you that you do have it in you to do the work you need to do.

It sounds like you are in a situation, such as where you are getting a new job, and you aren’t sure how you will do. When you were five, perhaps it happened at a time when you were worried about going into first grade?

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@Linda_Owl I think you may be right. Ever since my brother was 7 and i was 5 he has been getting offered drugs. at the age of 9 he started smocking pot. A couple weeks ago he said he was quitting and a couple days ago he completely quit smocking.

Thank you everyone for helping.

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