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Are there any scientific developments that hint at a real possibility of an ansible in the next 50-100 years?

Asked by timtrueman (5751points) September 26th, 2010

I seem to recall some work with quantum entanglement and although that was instantaneous (I believe) it was only a short distance that it worked over.

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If there are, we’re unlikely to recognize them for what they are. There’s a truism in the scientific community that says that scentific breakthroughs don’t start with “Eureka!” They start with, “Now, that’s odd!”

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the growing interest in the subject….more space probes crashing (and going further)will eventually require this technology

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Wikipedia suggests that there are no undisputed developments that suggest that ftl communication will be possible. If it were, then the folks who invented it would probably come back to the past to tell us about it. In other words, it would already exist.

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LeGuin suggested the device worked through gravity waves. There’s no evidence to suggest that such waves propagate faster than C, if they prove out in theory. Unclear as to whether quantum entanglement would work, but I didn’t get it to begin with.

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Oh boy.

I think I found the study you were looking for. I’ll give a it a more thorough read myself when I get home. The short conclusion of the study is “OH SNAP, MAYBE!”

To expand on what @HungryGuy said, even though a lot of discoveries were accidents, Quantum Mechanics is a different beast. It’s an incredibly new, very complicated and highly… mathy field. Sometimes it’s a matter of “Well… the math says that this should happen, can we design an experiment to test this?” So far, Quantum Mechanics is in good shape in that sense. I assume that this study was born of a similar mindset.

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Not really. Quantum entanglement is not the same as superluminal transmission of information. See

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