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With your busy life, what's lacking?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30674points) September 26th, 2010

It seems that everyone is too busy these days. There are constant claims to our time.

Do you find you have little time for important things? Do you exercise? Do you stop to smell the roses? Is there time to appreciate the night sky? Are you able to play games with the kids? Can you take trips to the zoo?

Bubble baths?
Cooking healthy meals?
Cleaning your desk?

What do you not have time for that you wish you did?

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Need more sleep
Would love more time for sex
More time for walks/exercise

That’s about it.

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Passion, as in finding my bliss. There is much that engages me, but nothing that gives it overall purpose and meaning.

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My own permanent female slave…

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I remember hobbies. They were something I did back when I only worked four days a week. My spinning wheel is dusty, and I’ve owed people bars of soap “from the next batch I do” for years. I also wish I had time to learn to quilt and can preserves.

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I have time for:
– Bubblebath
– “Smell a rose”
– Clean a bit
I would be grateful for an extra 4 hours per day, so I could do more:
– Exercises
– Reading, watching tv
– Cooking healthy
And for sex I always have time. If I don’t, then I cancel something of the above mentioned things… ;)

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More time to be able to travel to see the boy.
Which means cuddletime is lacking.
And by more time, I mean any time. Sundays are usually the only days that I have free to even think.

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My life is moderately busy but not out of control busy, so, in the moment I am happy with the balance, but, things are ever changing, who knows? lol

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I need motivation and energy to do more of what I’m supposed to do (exercise). Supposedly exercise will give me more energy, but if it only happens after the fact – how to get there?

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Going to the gym, or doing some other form of physical exercise.

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Road trips to see friends back home.

Romantic time set aside and plans made for just me and my love.

Once a week brunches with my gal pals.

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Recently I slowed down enough and one thing I noticed was I had time to have a thought and hold a thought. I was so busy, previously, that I felt my mind was in so many places and I didn’t have time to have a thought and follow through on that thought. Something as simple as, I should write a letter to so and so and then I would completely forget about it. Or just simple activities like brushing the cat or dog. It doesn’t take a lot of time…minutes even. I hope I can keep at a slower pace and encourage my family to do likewise.

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I believe you will do what you find the most important. You find the time to do what you think are the most important things to you otherwise you wouldn’t do them. So if someone says they wish they could do this or that. Then they actually can they just have to set the priorities to create the time to do what they want. You just have to want it bad enough. I’ve committed myself to get in better shape so I’m going to have to spend the time to fulfill that.

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I need:
-more time to sleep
-more time for the people I love
-time for myself
-time to think
I’ve been so busy lately, that I could really use extra time.

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A woman.

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Wish I had more time to really sit down with
my husband and connect much more deeply
on an intelligent and emotional and spiritual
level. I would love that but I don’t believe
he really has a strong desire to do that and
I find that sad at our age.

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Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money.

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