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Have you ever thought up a new invention?

Asked by flutherother (28951points) September 26th, 2010

Can you think of anything that would improve people’s lives in any way. Something original that isn’t yet on the market

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yes…but I don’t have a patent… so I can’t tell anyone

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I would like a television that takes up the entire wall of my lounge. I wouldn’t want it to dominate the room however so in stand by mode it shows the wallpaper that covers the other three walls and so it disappears. Simples!

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A little eraser shavings catcher. You attach it to the end of the desk so when you erase something the shaving don’t go on the floor.
strawberry/.fruity animal crackers.
non kill bug spray. spray pesky bugs in the house with it and turn them loose.
soundless alarm clock. tilts bed so you slowly roll onto the floor
100% meat dog food
slightly curved dog/cat comb to trap more fur
cordless fan, runs on batteries
cooling blanket
pepper sauce, pepper in the form of a liquid
I’m not scared of someone taking my inventions because I actually want someone to to take them. I don’t want the money or troubles of getting it marketed but i want it to get marketed.

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Yes.can’t tell ya though

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Repeat! Here’s how some people answered the same question in 1947.

WHAT I WANT NEXT -Science Illustrated Feb, 1947
Ruffle Ironer
Hat circumventer – a rising movie seat so you can see over hats
Light Literature – glow-in-the-dark books
Out Damned Spot – pocket clothing spot remover
Whisker chaser – chemical shaving, a la Nair, Neet
Refillable typewriter ribbon
Draincoat – a raincoat with troughs so you shoes don’t get wet
Radio controls on the steering wheel, to lessen distractions

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I have invented quite a few things over the years, but i dont really consider them inventions as anyone with a bit of engineering skill could have made something just as good if not better.

i have had some more revolutionary ideas too, but they always failed in a big way. i also have the habbit of inventing things that already exist, except my version is far more complicated/expensive or not needed. e.g. your television wall, you could just paint the wall white and use a projector. sure, it would not be as efficient, but would be 90% the same and cost about $50.000 less to make.

now days i dont concentrate so much on physical real world inventions. i try to come up with concepts that would work online or on computers. but lets face it, when competing with google and microsoft im a nothing.

my father is a stage magician, so some of my best inventions are probably solutions i came up with for his show, or new tricks that i came up with. i find im quite good at being told and illusion and then thinking of a way to pull it off.

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How about a feature on Fluther that lets you find older comments to this same question? Oh wait—there is one. It’s called Search Invention.


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There’s a fortune to be made by the person who invents a tin opener that actually works.

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@Austinlad I never use Fluther search, it sucks. (There was a thread about that but I can’t find it.)

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Aside from the cordless extension cord, no.

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Some years ago I thought the internet would come to our living rooms and we’d be able to watch movies and tv shows on demand. Not only did a bunch of techie assholes steal that idea, but Comcast actually had the balls to call it “On Demand.”

Beyond that, I think cars like the Jetsons had should exist.

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yeah my brother and i spent many nights siting in our beds thinking of a way of creating a self-sufficient generator powered by magnets but after some time realizing the properties of magnets discovered it wouldn’t work. but it was fun technically we never invented something but we did go through the thought process to create something.

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