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Suppose you were granted to delete one of the questions you have asked on Fluther, which one would that be?

Asked by rebbel (30944points) September 26th, 2010

It’s not possible to have a question deleted (only, i understand, when you have very good reasons and the bosses agree), but what if it was, and you were granted the chance to erase one from existence, which one you would be glad to dispose of?
Because you are embarrassed by it, it was just down right silly, it made Jellies fight with each other, or any other reason, etc.?

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You go first.

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None of them. I stand by all of the questions I have asked.

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Aren’t questions deleted when the asker “abandons” them?

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Without looking at my account, I don’t even remember what questions I have asked. I do remember one or two have already been deleted.

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For now i do not have a question that i feel ashamed of yet.
The only one that i think was a bit silly was my Pringles question which i thought painted me as a cheap Jelly, as if i would count the contents of things like Pringles or ear wax sticks.

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@rebbel I don’t think your a cheap jelly, I think you’re a slightly OCD jelly…

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The question where everyone gets angry at each other over some mundane topic and shoots flying angry monkeys out of their buttholes.

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@Michael_Huntington What would you consider a mundane topic?

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The ones where someone asks a question that relates to a controversial topic, and everyone lectures the user on what they should do instead of answering the actual question asked.

“When stealing pens from the office, is it better to go with the ones with caps, or the retractable ones”
Everyone: OMG don’t steal from your office, that’s against the rules and you’ll be fired and end up in prison/hell, you horrible unethical person!!!!!

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My latest one about the six degrees of kevin bacon, because apparently it’s an almost duplicate of one that was asked the day before.

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Seeing that I only asked two probally both.

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@downtide You can flag it as “something else” and say that when you created it, you didn’t realize it was a duplicate. I think they’ll then push it to editing and you can abandon it. I think.

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And imagine, @downtide, that i had the same question in my mind to ask, just one day before you asked it..
And i saw your version of it, not the one that was asked the day before, so it was good for me.

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@papayalily I would do that if no-one had answered but it’s got a lot of responses now and it would be a shame to lose them.

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That one I posted on my first account that consisted of nothing but long-term users insulting me for asking what college I should attend. Luckily, I just deleted that account, but that question is still out there somewhere. I wish it were erased from all records completely…

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The one in which I asked for help on a skin rash my son was fighting.

The thread careened off-topic really fast, and became very negative. I’m have enough people in the real world attacking me for my parenting choices, and I don’t like to hear it from people I consider my friends. I ended up unfollowing the question because it made my stomach flip every time it popped up, wondering who it would be this time…

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My question about using my urine to fertilize my houseplants. Wait, that might be my favorite.

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@DominicX :: I remember that and it was ugly. But i don’t think “consisted of nothing but long-term users insulting me” is a accurate assessment.

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@johnpowell I may have exaggerated a bit… ;)

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I asked a question about using “interac” which is just a name we have for using your bank card at a store, etc. I didn’t realize at the time that it was a “Canadian” term and I was shocked at the negative response it got. I was disappointed and regretful to say the least.

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I put up a question that I thought had a lot of potential, but other than 1 or maybe 2 responses every reply was a really lame attempt at humor. I don’t regret posting it, but I was extremely disappointed with the results.

edit: found it link

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The one about Steven King and Edgar Allen Poe because no one wrote an answer.

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@daytonamisticrip : I wasn’t here yet, probably, give me a link, I’ll take a look! You’ve piqued my interest.

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I have a handful of questions that I got caught up in and completely forgot about Google. So, my stupid questions, basically. :)

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They’re all crap so it’s hard to choose just one.

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